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Mediumship Is Nothing Like The Movies | Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Medium

xTime and time again you’ve heard me say that being a psychic medium is nothing like they portray in the movies. We don’t usually see ghosts walking around town, spirits don’t tend to pop out of mirrors, and we can’t read your mind and tell you what you’re thinking (most of the time). That is Hollywood, this is life.

This blog is about taking the woo-woo out of “psychic powers” and bringing the entire concept back down to Earth. When I talk to coaching clients on the phone I work to do the same for them. Still, we all want some big theatrical performance from spirit and tend to get discouraged when it doesn’t happen. Myself included.

Listen, those big AH-HA moments happen mostly in the beginning, if they happen at all. It’s not even that they are that theatrical it’s more so the fact that they are new and exciting for us. The more you do this work, the more it becomes the norm for you and I think people forget that. Myself included.

We, humans, are complicated beings. Initially we say we are fearful of connecting with spirit, then spirit does something BIG to prove they are there and that freaks us out. Since they freaked us out and didn’t mean too, they then back up a bit. After they back up, we are able to sense them more subtly.

Once this happens we get frustrated because “it used to be much stronger, I used to hear more, I used to see more.”  It’s us, it’s not them, we can’t make up our minds! Either spirit is coming on too strong or spirit isn’t coming on strong enough…

As a kid, I heard things externally and saw things externally. It freaked me out so I shut it down. 20 years later when I decided to open my gifts back up and I expected it to be the same but it wasn’t. I would just see colors when meditating, feel slight wisps of energy, or get broken messages. The challenge this time around was learning how to decipher if it was me making it all up or if it was actually spirit.

A few months later, still not knowing what I was doing, I decided to kick things up a notch. So, I did a meditation that came with a strict warning. I felt someone grab my hands and I FREAKED OUT. I shut the entire process down again for about two months.

This is exactly why it is generally not some big theatrical performance. We think we can handle it but, really? Let’s be honest, what would you do if a ghost appeared in front of you right now and just started talking to you casually? You would be quite startled my friend, trust me.

Plus, for spirit to appear externally, talk externally, or physically grab our hands, it takes a lot of energy on their part. They would much rather focus on the message they have for you than to use most of their energy to prove to you that they are really in your space.

Like I said, I forget sometimes too. I can feel other people’s guides, loved ones, and spirit team much better than I can feel my own. This is because I have to in order to connect that spirit to the client. The client needs validation to become comfortable with the message.

When I connect to my own team it’s mostly through clairaudience and it’s mostly the collective. We did all of that feeling and getting to know each other stuff much earlier in the journey. The only times I really feel my team anymore is when I ask them specifically or if I am being introduced to someone new or unexpected.

I talk to my team all day – errday – around the clock. Of course, it’s not going to be theatrical!

If you’re clairaudient or clairvoyant then seeing and hearing has probably become normal for you. This is because when you talk to people you are able to visualize scenes playing out internally and when you close your eyes you can see colors or visuals. If you’re clairaudient you’re probably “talking to yourself” all the time, but guess what? It ain’t just you that you’re talkin’ too!

That’s what it’s like – mediumship. It’s subtle for the most part but that is how it works! The magical moments come mostly through validations or synchronicities.

Next time you’re in meditation, instead of getting frustrated and deciding that “it’s not working” try focusing on the visuals you’re getting. Notice the subtle energies and calm you feel around you. Listen to and write down the messages or words you’re receiving. Spirit isn’t going to give you some big theatrical performance most of the time. They just want to give you their love and messages, it’s up to you to receive them!

One last thing! Don’t get stuck on how you receive the messages. If you’re clairsentient you’re probably not going to see a ton of visuals and if you’re clairaudient you might not be feeling a lot. This is a big one that people tend to get hung up on! To assess which are your strongest gifts check out this article and to start working with your strongest gifts check this out!

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