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Luck and prosperity: The uses of a crystal ball in everyday spirituality

Luck and prosperity: The uses of a crystal ball in everyday spirituality

Whenever we talk about crystal balls, what one would often think is a woman covered by a veil in a dark-lit room. Usually, she has a deck of tarot cards to foretell the secrets of one’s destiny. Indeed, crystal balls are heavily associated with sorcery and fortune-telling, but actually it is more than that!

Why are crystal balls so special?

Crystal balls have been for most of history seen as storage of spiritual energy and power. The first people thought to have ever used crystal balls are the Celtic Druids of Britain, specifically for divination. They had a vital role in the Celtic societies as they were teachers, scientists, and counsel to the kings. 

In the Middle Ages, wizards and sorcerers used crystal balls to look into the past and predict the future. For most of ancient history, it was believed to be communication devices between humans and spirits. 

Most crystal balls are of glass material, but one need not be transparent to be useful. A crystal ball can be any other gemstone such as amethyst or quartz. Regardless of the material used, crystal balls quickly draw the attention of people due to its majestically spherical shape. Hence the reason alchemists and oracles often use them in the art of fortune-telling. 

Along with its long history, many people today still believe in the power of the crystal ball. In this article, we talk about two ways one can use it: to lure in good luck in your home or find answers to your questions.

Luring in good luck and energy at home

The world we live in is driven by forces that cannot be seen by the naked eye, and this is the assumption in Feng Shui. Feng Shui is the Chinese art of spatial arrangement and energy flow, otherwise known as “chi” which drives either bad or good luck.

Crystal balls bring in subtle healing energy or “chi” in spaces. Not only is it calming, but it can also neutralize the negative emotions of the people within the living area, which makes them perfect for eliminating anxieties and worries at home. Crystal balls can also be placed in highly competitive and stressful environments such as offices to smoothen the edges of the chaotic energy and make it more productive and harmonious. 

A high-quality crystal ball can store in good “chi” as it absorbs and reflects light smoothly, making it an excellent material for luring good luck. Depending on your needs, you must use a compass and place your crystal ball in the following areas of your home:

  1. Put them in the south region for stronger marriage and relationships

  2. In the north area if you wish for promotion and career growth

  3. Place them on the west side if you want children

  4. To lessen anxieties inside the home, put them at the center of the house

  5. You can also place it on the east side for money and prosperity

Questions answered: reading your crystal ball

Crystal balls do not say anything by themselves alone. They are nothing but a human-made material, shaped into a perfect sphere. By merely looking at the ball’s surface, you will not be able to see anything. But if used correctly, it can help you access your subconscious mind and start clearing out questions that bother you.

To get started with the crystal ball, you would need to be in a tranquil space. If you have space for praying or meditation, that space would be a great place to use it. You can burn incense, play meditation music, or spray out fresh scents all over the area to help you calm your mind.

Crystal ball reading entails concentration because the images you will see will be in your mind’s eye, not necessarily in the ball itself. 

Put the crystal ball in a stand, so it does not move around while you are using it. When you are ready, stay relaxed and free your mind. After you are comfortable enough, you need to gaze at the ball intently—yes, literally stare and hold your gaze at it. Try not to look away from the ball or blink. You may start asking questions at this moment. After a while, you will notice a mist, and then you will begin to see the images on the ball.

Remember though that these images are from your mind, not in the ball’s surface itself. You may feel as though that they are on the surface, but do not break your gaze, that means your third eye is working.

It is also important not to interpret the images as they show up. Deeply understanding them one by one will break your concentration. When the session is over, trust that you will remember the important ones. To correctly interpret the images you saw, you need to weave them into a story. Then you may confirm what you understood from the images using other psychic tools such as tarot cards.

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