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It’s Okay To Take A Spirit Break!

As you probably already know in addition to being a medium, I am also an intuitive teacher, and spiritual coach. In the line of work I am in it’s not uncommon to receive messages that apply to more than one person in the same timeframe. Lately, that message has basically been…“It is okay to take a break from spirit!”

This isn’t exactly the same thing as a spiritual burnout, however, they can occur consecutively. In this instance, we are talking about taking a break from spirit work, spiritual learning, spiritual research, exercises, and homework.

Yes, I am a teacher so I want you to do the homework provided to you in the 5 Week Intuitive Progression Course, but I also am a student of spirit and always will be. Trust me, I know the overwhelm that can come along with it! As a matter of fact, a few years ago I was talking to a friend and I asked her –

“Do you ever feel like you just need to take a break from all of this? Just a day or two to not think about it, practice it, or do any research?”

“Oh, ALL THE TIME!” she replied.

The thing that was confusing to me and now to my students, is the feeling of wanting, no NEEDING a break but feeling guilty about it. Feeling like maybe you will be letting down spirit, the Universe, and even yourself. After all, you’ve devoted so much to this wouldn’t taking a break mean that you weren’t fully invested and that maybe all of this was for nothing?


A student and fellow spiritual practitioner and I were talking about how one finds the time to work a corporate job, raise a family, be a great partner, work with spirit, and build a blog simultaneously. It sounds exhausting, right? Well, usually it isn’t – until it is.

You will feel it and it will feel as if you have been studying for weeks on end, taking exam after exam, with no break. All you will want to do is something completely mindless that takes little to no effort on your part. My “something” is usually going for a walk in the woods, the beach, or when I really need to be mindless, I binge-watch a series on Netflix.

I used to feel guilty about this, but I don’t anymore!

Spirit has told me and they’ve told my clients, that a “spirit break” is totally OKAY and ENCOURAGED.

It’s all about self-love. You have to love yourself, fill yourself up, and it is then that you have the energy to give to everyone else…including spirit! You will find that as soon as you take that time to refill yourself the resistance to spirit work totally goes away and you’re amped to get back to it!

On the flip side of taking a break, don’t fall too deeply into the rut. You know the one; it happens all the time with a workout routine. You start out with 5 days a week, miss a few days, and suddenly you’re working out once a week if at all. You have to amp yourself up to get back into the gym and you’re so resistant, but once you do, whoa baby! YOU’RE BACK!

It’s the same thing with spirit, meditation, and spirituality. It takes energy to talk yourself into meditating after a long day at the office, but once you do you ALWAYS feel better!

Balance my friend’s, balance.

It’s so important to live in both worlds; we are human and we are on this Earth at this time for a reason. At the same time, we are here to remember. To Remember our connection to spirit. So when one world is getting too overwhelming it is most likely that you’re living in that one too much and you’re off balance. Remember to ground often, meditate often, and reset as often as you need too. Does the above article sound like you? Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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