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Is It A Visitation Or Wishful Thinking?

When it comes to signs, symbols, messages, and visitations it can be hard to tell the difference between what is real and what is just wishful thinking. Have you ever had a dream of a deceased loved one and wondered if that was actually their spirit visiting you or if it was just you wishing it was? Have you ever asked for a sign only to receive one and think to yourself “well… that might be a stretch”? Today we are going to break it down to help you to understand the difference!

Visitations Vs. Wishful thinking

When we are missing someone and yearning to talk to them just one more time it can be easy to dismiss it as wishful thinking when they finally do break the silence and make their presence known.

On the day of my grandmothers funeral, I heard her voice all day long. I heard how the funeral was going to go, I heard her pepping me up (because I didn’t want to go), and I heard her consoling me. I dismissed it as my wishful thinking and told myself it was just a part of the grieving process.

A few months later during a very vivid dream, I heard her laughing so loud I asked her to tone it down because she was waking me up. When I actually did wake up I saw door swinging back and forth creeping like the dickins’. No fan was on and there was no draft in the room.

Those were both visitations.

When you’re hearing a voice so incessantly that you have to blast the radio to drown out the noise that my friend is a visitation. When you are having a very vivid dream of a deceased loved one and in the dream you know they are deceased and you’re wondering what they are doing there. That is a visitation. Smell someone familiar? Their scent may cross your path the moment you start to think of them, this is a visitation!

Wishful thinking is a bit different than this.

When we are extremely succom by grief it can be hard to tell the difference between visitation and our own wishful thinking. The best way to tell if it’s a visitation is when it surprises you. If it’s out of the blue and that person hadn’t been on your mind that day, you know it’s a visitation.

Signs Vs Wishful Thinking

Ahhhh this one is an ongoing friendly competition between my husband and I. A competition to prove the other wrong.

Feathers, animals, words, and numbers can all be signs from spirit. When you ask for one of these signs try to be specific so that you KNOW without a doubt that it was meant for you. So instead of just asking for a feather as for a specific color of feather!

Recently I had a dream that I was swimming with and talking to dolphins. It was a super symbolic dream and I was excited to tell my husband about it. Of course, his response was just “how the hell do you sleep through that?”

Later in the day, we saw a billboard with a dolphin, a statue of a dolphin, and someone wearing a dolphin shirt. To me all pretty undeniable. To him…nothing but coincidence.

When we got home however my son’s dolphin book was laying in the middle of the floor. He says “I suppose this is a sign too…” I started laughing and wanted to say YES! but instead concluded “maybe but that’s a stretch”

When asking for a sign make sure it’s not something too vague. This will eliminate the “hmmm could it be?” and will help with talking yourself into believing it or out of believing it!

Most times when we think someone is visiting us or we think we are getting bread crumbs from spirit, we are! When we are trying to convince ourselves out of it then most times it is from spirit. When it’s vague or we feel we are forcing it that might just be wishful thinking!

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