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Intuitive Life Coaching, What Is It?

What is an intuitive life coach and how can one help you?

Do you ever wish someone could tell you precisely what you need to do in life? What if you had someone that could say to you exactly what steps you needed to take to live a life you love and find confidence in yourself? What if you finally had all the clarity you ever needed to achieve your goals, dreams, and desires? It would be wonderful, wouldn’t it?

The thing is, neither an intuitive or a life coach can tell you every single thing you need to do to become rich and famous. Instead, what an intuitive life coach can do for you is help you to get clear on your desires, blocks, and help you move towards your bliss. He or she can help you to get closer to your dreams, goals, and desires than ever before. How can a coach help with this? Your coach can help you get there with dedication, accountability, self-work, and the clarity to move past limiting beliefs.

Intuitive coaches aren’t miracles workers, but we do help you to create your own miracles!

What does a life coach do?

A life coach helps you discover your strengths so that they can work for you! Life coaches help you to hone in on what your next steps should be, and they help you to find the power to make confident decisions.

The purpose of a life coach is to help you to create a life you love by realizing your dreams then carving out actionable but manageable steps to reach them.

So many of us want the next best thing, we want to break free from the monotony, and we truly do desire to get healthy and happy. The thing is we often don’t know where to start or how to get there, and this is where a good life coach comes in! (You can become a certified lifecoach here!)

How can an intuitive practitioner help you?

  1. Someone with the gift to help you connect with spirit can help you realize how your past is affecting your present.

  2. An intuitive can connect with your higher self to see and identify the patterns in your life that have been holding you back!

  3. This person can help you work through traumas, limiting beliefs, and help you to get to know and truly understand yourself at a core level.

  4. Spirit can bring though perspective and ways of looking at life that we on a human level would never have considered.

  5. The divine brings through unconditional love and will co-create with you a life full of love and miracles when you are willing to put in the solid self-work.

  6. Working with your spirit team helps you to identify your intuitive strengths so that you can use them to guide you fluidly towards your purpose.

Coupling life coaching with spirit allows you to receive the most guidance and best direction from all angles. Its an investment in yourself like no other!

An intuitive life coach can help you to find your purpose. They can help you to get clear on your past and HEAL from it so that you can start to embody a life you are in love with and not just living.

Your intuitive life coach can help you to implement your intuitive strengths to improve your quality of life by learning to listen to your internal guidance system. In addition to both the life coaching and intuitive coaching benefits listed above an intuitive coach is going to be able to help you to retrain your mindset, your habits, and release blocks in many physical and energetic areas of life.

My job as an intuitive life coach is ultimately to help you achieve a richness and a wholeness within your being that you haven’t experienced since birth.

An intuitive life coach can help you with all of the above, but we can only take you as far as you’re willing to let yourself go. People say all the time how they would love to work with a coach, a mentor, and intuitive life coach but because of where they are at now they don’t have the abundance to pay for such a thing. I get it, and I’ve been there too! Investing in yourself is scary!

Any investment is a bit scary, and it should be, here’s why:

If you were to receive free coaching or pay very very little for a session, you would appreciate it and maybe even implement a few of the things you learned …for a few hours. Why only a few hours you ask? There is no accountability and no reason for you to stay on track. You have no commitment and no investment other than a snippet of time.

When you are determined to do everything you can to work with the coach that you feel strongly pulled towards then you are invested! You invest in them and they in you. Money to us humans is what pushes us – it’s the reason most of us get up and go to that job we dislike day after day. As much as we don’t love to admit it, we need it for survival.

When we invest our money and our precious time into something, we tend to value it more.

You nurture your investment; you take care of it, you make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. When you invest in a coach you’re not just spending a ton of money; you’re investing in yourself and holding yourself accountable! A good coach is going to do the same for you!

I invite you to make a date with yourself right now!

  1. Sit down with yourself and ask yourself what isn’t working or what feels just ok.

  2. Make a second list on what drives you and what excites you!

  3. Make a third list of your goals even as unrealistic as they may seem. Let yourself dream and write down at least one that really scares you!

  4. Then compare the three.

Are you eager to stay with your list of what is barely working or not working? Are you willing to live the rest of your life feeling “okay” and just getting through it?


Are you ready to take a risk, do something that scares the crap out of you and move towards your life purpose with gusto?

When you decide to love your life, then it’s time to find the perfect intuitive life coach for you!

I am Ashley Strong, and I am an intuitive life coach and self-development teacher. I have helped so many to see their strengths, manage their mindset, tap into their purpose, start their businesses, and even start working with their intuitive gifts. I would be honored to be your coach, your friend, and your accountability partner through this thing we call life!

Let’s make this thing happen and create some magic together! Illuminate your life with intuitive life coaching!!

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