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Intuitive And Psychic Development Workshop | Video

ast week during my Facebook Live I hosted an intuitive and psychic development workshop and it was great! I touched on all of the fundamentals of identifying your strongest intuitive abilities and then how to notice when they show up for you each day.

It felt good to return to the very reason I started this site in the first place. To teach people how to identify their own intuitive gifts!

I missed teaching about this to be honest! I used to break it down psychic ability by psychic ability for each client that I worked with. We would focus on their intuitive strengths and build from there. I am blessed because the demand for this coaching was so high that I had no choice but to make it into a course so that it was accessible to everyone because my schedule only held so many appointments.

I spent months working on my Intuitive Development Course making sure to cover every single thing that I could think of. It was important to make sure to include all of the psychic gifts, empathic protection, how to work with the chakras, and so much more. After that, I added to it and then I added to it again and again. The Intuitive Development Course has been building on itself for years! The more I learn about working with spirit the more you learn. So now, that course is the basis for all of my individual coaching!

This workshop lays the foundation for all intuitive work and it’s free for you! I hope you enjoy!

As for the Intuitive Bootcamp mentioned in the video, you don’t want to miss it. We need this right now, myself included, which is why I opened it back up after THREE YEARS! I only have about 6 spots left as of today (because I like to keep it kind of small) so make sure to check it out! It’s everything you need to get started if you’re not ready for the Intuitive Development Course and even if you’ve taken it’s a magnificent compliment!

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