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Intuition Strengthening Exercises

Some intuitives have had their gifts since birth and some don’t start to notice or develop them until later in life. You may have shut your gifts down as an adolescent or maybe you had a life-changing experience that brought them to the surface. No matter when you started noticing them, the fact is that if you have intuitive gifts there is no hiding from them.

You can try to keep pushing them down and you can convince yourself you’re just crazy, but after a while that gets exhausting. Trust me, I know!

I have been able to see and hear spirit since I was a toddler; my aunt would find me talking to “imaginary friend’s” in my room quite often, All of my life I’ve had terrifying nightmares but after I got control of my gifts they went away almost immediately!

For as far back as I can remember I would hear people talking to me both internally and externally and I constantly felt like I was being watched. I tried to convince myself it was just my imagination and I was even put on medicine to help me feel more “normal”.

No amount of medicine ever made me feel better, in fact, some of it made things worse!

There was a turning point in my life when I decided that enough was enough. I needed to get a handle on all of this and I was ready to face it head on. When I did my entire world changed for the better!

I started doing my research and went down the spiritual rabbit hole. You know the one, right?

The spiritual rabbit hole sucks you in, wraps you up, and makes your brain hurt. It’s where you start researching about something casual like meditation which leads to an article about opening the third eye. Next, it’s onto clairvoyance; once you search the word clairvoyance, you find out that there are 3 more clairs you knew absolutely nothing about. Naturally, you have to research those as well.

This keeps going on and on until finally before you’ve put anything into action, you’re having a spiritual burnout. Then you realize, you haven’t even had breakfast yet!

Sound familiar?

When I was in that position all I wanted was a mentor. The problem was, I couldn’t find one that I trusted and that wasn’t going to be more than my rent payment for 1 session. That is why after years of research, application, and practice, I started my own program.

In the 5-Week Intuitive Development Course, you get a one on one coaching call with me! Isn’t that what you’ve been looking for? Someone to talk to, a real live person who can relate to what you’ve been through?

During the coaching call, we will talk about your experiences, why you want to develop your gifts, and assess which are your strongest clairs. We will get to the bottom of the things you’ve been feeling, seeing, hearing, or knowing!

I will be your friend, your guide, and your partner throughout this journey of spiritual development. Your guides will be there and so will mine to give you the best advice to take with you down your spiritual path!

The 5-Week Intuitive Development Course is broken down clair by clair. This means that each clair has it’s own set of specific ways to develop, exercises, affirmations, crystals you could be working with, meditations, and more! By the end of our coaching call we will know which are your strongest clairs. At that point, we will enroll you in a custom course that works just for you!

This course is going to save you hours of research, you will no longer need to go down the spiritual rabbit hole. When we talk and connect with your guides we will be able to hear exactly what you need to be doing to jumpstart your intuitive development.

I know how frustrating it can be to try suggested exercises and meditations just for them not to work. I have been there. I have been so frustrated that I almost gave up…again! This program is going to help you to avoid those frustrations. Since you will be doing a program that is designed specifically around your strongest clairs you can avoid doing the wrong exercises. This will help alleviate many of those frustrations of wondering if you’re doing the right thing.

In addition to exercises, ways to develop, and meditations this program is also going to help you to release blocks surrounding your gifts. You’re going to learn to release fears, doubt, and start loving your gifts. You will have weekly tips on how to ground and protect yourself; these not only make you feel safe but they teach you to practice spirit work safely and effectively.

This program has helped so many people already! Some graduates of the program have even gone on to start their own spiritual blogs and practices. All participants have gone on to tell me about how it’s just helped with life in general. They feel happier, less afraid, and finally realize how beautiful life and spirit can be!

Programs like this usually cost more than $1000.00 and you don’t get a one on one coaching call. With this you not only get the coaching call and a customized course, but you also get continued support!

When you enroll in the 5-Week Intuitive Progression Course you get access to the secret facebook group with your peers and myself! Those who are going through the program and those who have already graduated. For all of those “am I doing this right” questions we are all there for support. However, if you’re shy you can send me a message directly!

So to recap here is what you get!

  1. A one on one coaching call with me

  2. A customized 5-week course

  3. 4-5 ways to develop – each week

  4. 3-5 exercises – each week

  5. Affirmations to help you develop – each week

  6. Meditations – each week

  7. Crystals you could work with

  8. 6-8 ways to ground – each week

  9. 6-8 ways to protect yourself – each week

If you’re reading this post chances are that you’ve been sensing spirit for quite some time now. Whether it was a recent awakening or something that you’ve had since childhood it’s time to invest in your gifts.

Spirit has been trying to get your attention for a reason, they are ready to connect with you! You have an entire spirit team just waiting to talk to you, waiting to help you, and ready to show you the way. Are you ready to stop wondering what you’re feeling and start realizing how beautiful all of this can be?

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