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Intuition And The Law Of Attraction. How They Go Hand In Hand.

Did you know that with a little time, effort, and patience you can have basically whatever you want? I’m being serious. The job, the money, the car, I’m sure by now you’ve watched The Secret right? The Law Of Attraction is a real thing Y’all, even Oprah says so so you know it’s the truth.

All joking aside life really is what you make it. Each and every day you have a conscious choice to design your life. Sure, it may not look exactly as you planned at first but you can CHOOSE to see everything with an open heart and an open mind. This little tweak will change your perspective and in turn, change everything.

Think of a dandelion, you may see a weed while your little one sees a flower. When your kid brings you this “flower” do you say to him “no thank you, honey, that’s a weed” or does it make you smile?

His little heart opened for you and brought you something that he saw as beautiful surely this makes you see the dandelion in a different light?

All of life can be like this, but the question is, are you open to receiving?

Law of attraction teaches us that like attracts like. What we see we will become. What we focus on shows up in our own experience.

But what if you’re focusing on what you want, creating vision boards, doing all of the things all of the experts suggest and yet you’re getting absolutely nowhere?

Now, let’s turn our focus to attempting to grow our intuitive gifts. What if you’re reading all the articles, gaining all the knowledge, and even meditating but you’re not getting a single thing?

In both scenarios, you’re putting in the work but seeing little in return.

Want to know a little secret? The Law of Attraction and connecting with your intuitive side go hand in hand. It’s pretty hard to have one work for you and not the other. On the flip side, if ones not working the other probably isn’t either.

Think about it like this, you have a car and that car is great. It runs great and everything works. You have a key, the key is in perfect condition and does its job every time. However, the car without the key is useless and the key without the car is just a piece of metal. They need each other to work.

When we raise our vibration we become more in tune with the universe as a whole. We start to see the tiny drops of magic around us. Life starts to flow and in general becomes easier. Raising our vibration aligns us with spirit, our higher-self, and the divine.

In turn, when you raise your vibration and you start to manifest small or large desires. Who do you think is responding to your requests and sending you those signs? Your spirit team is, of course!

When your vibe is low you block yourself from all of this. You block yourself from receiving the things that make you happy because you’re too busy putting the focus on the things that don’t. It’s pretty hard for your spirit team to connect with you when you have a fog of negativity surrounding most of the thoughts that are coming into and leaving your consciousness.

When you are focused on the ground you’re not going to see the rainbow.

It in part goes back to this article What Are Blocks and How Do We Remove Them?

When it comes to connecting with spirit I tell everyone the same three things to get them started.

  1. First, raise your vibration. If you’re not in the right vibration spirit cannot connect with you.

  2. Get to know your higher-self and your spirit guides. Learn to do that here and here.

  3. Allow yourself to receive. Be open-minded and don’t judge, just receive.

Do you know what the three rules of Law Of Attraction are?

  1. Ask

  2. Believe (Belief that you’re attracting what you want. This means someone must be hearing you. Who do you think it is?)

  3. Receive

I don’t know about you but the steps seem pretty similar to me. It’s no coincidence that Law of attraction and connecting with spirit go hand in hand. In the Law Of Attraction, you are supposed to visualize what it is you want to receive. Did you know that visualization is also one of the top exercises for clairvoyance?

Don’t block yourself! Be open, be love, see things from a new perspective, and then watch how your world changes.

To learn more about connecting with your spirit team and aligning with your intuition I invite you to check out the Intuitive Development and Progression Course. This video course walks you through what it means to connect, the different intuitive abilities and how they show up. It also guides you through how to work with spirit safely and effectively. In addition to the aforementioned, it also teaches you how to break through barriers like fear and doubt! A huge plus when working with the Law Of Attraction!

Join us in the secret facebook group once you sign up! We are a growing community full of love support and absolutely no judgment!

Allow your abundance to grow, your connection to spirit strengthen, and allow yourself to thrive! Simply raise your vibe, ask, believe, and then receive. Remember, whether you’re receiving internal guidance or manifesting that new car, it’s all the same work and it all goes hand in hand!

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