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“I Still Talk To Someone Who Is Dead. Am I Crazy?”

When I really started connecting with spirit regularly I started to notice something, only people that I knew were stepping forward to talk to me. I would, of course, connect with my spirit guide on a daily basis but as far as other spirits, I was getting the same two or three all of the time. This made me doubt myself in a HUGE way!

Perhaps I was still grieving and didn’t realize it, maybe I really was just making all of this up, was I actually going crazy? I wanted to know what was going on, so I asked!

The answer I received was profound and made sense to me 100%; Spirit told me that the reason I was connecting with the same two spirits was because I was comfortable with them. You see I wouldn’t have been willing to connect with just anyone back then; I could have been frightened or even ignored the guidance that I was receiving.

Since then I’ve had this issue brought to my attention by multiple client’s, friends, and readers. They all struggle with the same thoughts that I had and I’m sure you can understand why. If you never really heard, felt, or saw spirit before your loved one passed away and now all of a sudden you are…wouldn’t that make you think you hadn’t really accepted their passing?

You may still be grieving but often times our abilities open up when something traumatic happens to us; this could be for the first time or a resurfacing of the gifts that you shut down as a child. In one month I had moved into my first place, got dumped by my boyfriend, and my grandmother passed away. I don’t think that it’s any coincidence that this was the time when I started opening back up. It still took me another 5 years before I accepted them and started to intentionally develop my mediumship abilities.

If you have been struggling with this issue and you’re wondering why it is only your deceased husband, friend, or mother who comes to you; know that it is so you can become comfortable with your gifts. Trust me, Spirit WILL give you more when the time is right and when they do your loved one will probably take a step back.

This is where there is a catch 22 for most people; they feel conflicted by having only their loved one talk to them as it makes them question their gifts.  On the other hand, they don’t want their loved one to back away as they feel this will be losing them all over again.

You can take comfort in knowing that your loved one hasn’t left you, they have simply stepped back in order to help you heal and grow. Plus when this happens another spirit usually takes their place; this means you’re going to meet a new guide or member of your spirit team and this is a GOOD thing!

You can always call on your loved one to step forward and generally they will but remember you’re on a path  of soul growth and intuitive development. Trust in the process and trust that both your loved ones and spirit team want nothing but success for you; even if that means they have to take the back seat while you get comfortable with different spirits!

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