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I’m An Empath, Now What? | How Do Empaths Heal?

Is being an empath a blessing or a curse? Ask an empath and their first reaction might be to tell you it is a curse. Some people who are extremely empathic might go so far as to say it’s a death sentence. If it’s labeled a gift then why does everyone hate being an empath so much? What is the purpose of being an empath?

Most intuitives are to some degree empathic, if we weren’t we wouldn’t be able to tap into the energy of others or feel spirit. Today though we are talking about the real-deal – feel and absorb any and everything type-empaths.

We are talking about the people who not only feel the emotions, anxieties, and illnesses of others but also manifest them within their own being.

Have you ever met someone who has unexplained illnesses, is always tired, and is always in pain? Maybe instead of labeling them as a hypochondriac you might broaden your perspective of them and dig a little deeper. They could be extremely empathic and don’t know how to deal with it.

Empaths tend to fall ill or tired more often than the rest of us. This is because they take on so much and often don’t realize it. Letting the energy of others build within your body is eventually going to manifest in physical form. Whether that be lethargy, anxiety, or in the worst case scenario – illness.

Do you take on the energy and emotions of others or find yourself with unexplained anxieties or depression? Are you often tired? Do you tend to avoid social situations because they are absolutely draining on you? If you answered yes, then chances are you’re an empath.

I invite you to explore ways to purge old energy, reset yourself, and protect yourself from the energy of others. You may even find working with a coach extremely helpful, as certain techniques and lessons can be taken with you throughout life!

A client of mine is the most empathic person I have ever encountered. For decades she took on the energies of others and it has manifested in an unidentified debilitating illness.

She and I have talked about ways to release this energy, cut cords with it, and even send it back to the Earth. Still, she has to work at this every single day.

She is so strong and she fights so hard to stay positive and uplifted. I don’t know how she does it! It makes you wonder, though, why would we be given a gift such as this? One that causes emotional and physical distress?

Being an empath may seem like a curse but it really is such a gift. Once you learn to utilize your gift you can help so many.

Empaths are the ultimate healers. You have the ability to sense someone’s pain and from there you can help them heal.

Often times people don’t know exactly where their emotional pain is stemming from. You as the empath, you as the healer, can help them with that.

You can sense energy so why not work with it? Empaths are great reiki practitioners, spiritual coaches, and truth-seers.

So, you’re extremely empathic but have no desire to work in the intuitive world huh? That’s ok!

Empaths make great nurses, hospice caregivers, acupuncturists, and even firemen (I’m a bit partial to this one because of the hubby!). These are all healing fields that are great for empaths.

Empaths are great healers because they feel on such a deep level. It may seem counterintuitive to be empathic and work so closely with other people’s energy but remember darling, you were born to do this!

Yes, you’re still going to take their energy on but there are ways to purge it without letting it fester and surface as anxiety or illness.

Managing your empathic abilities is crucial and can greatly improve your quality of life. Once you learn how to identify your emotions and energy from that of another and learn to get rid of it, everything becomes easier and you can start to align with your soul’s true purpose! You can finally be the healer you were meant to be in whichever way you choose to manifest it outward.

Ready to get your empathic gifts under control and learn to decipher your emotions from others? Work with me! Let me help you get this under control and help you learn to love your gift instead of loathe it!

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