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I have precognitive dreams

I have precognitive dreams, do you? Dreams are still somewhat of a phenomenon. They have been studied for years and yet we can’t seem to get to the bottom of them. There are dreams that are fun and beautiful and then there are dreams that are dark and ferocious. Some people dream in vivid colors while others do not dream at all.

Did you know that vivid dreams are actually a sign that you’re clairvoyant? My entire life I thought that everyone dreamt the way I did. Super vividly, always in color, sometimes precognitive, and always weird. I used to share my dreams with people just waiting to hear about theirs only to hear crickets playing in the background.

Science has studied the dream phenomenon for decades and recently there have been undeniable discoveries. Scientists are finally working to find the correlation between dreaming and psychic abilities. Studies are being conducted around the clock…even by the skeptics.

Blind studies have been conducted specifically on precognitive dreaming. Did you know that Abraham Lincoln reported a precognitive dream about his own death? Other famous people have too! Chances are you’ve probably had a precognitive dream or two yourself!

Dream symbolism can be universal or it can be unique to the individual. If you look throughout history similar signs and symbols have been used across different cultures and continents. This started long before phones and the internet was around. Knowing what we know today, it is hard to deny the correlation between dreams and psychic abilities.

Recently I had a precognitive dream that blew me out of the water because the manifestation was instantaneous.

I was laying in bed half awake because Baby-boo woke up about an hour too early as toddlers do. I kept drifting in and out of sleep, dreaming each time I closed my eyes. I remember thinking that it was entirely too early for him to be up. I thought had another 30 minutes to sleep before my husband got home from work!

I saw a very vivid image of my husband backing his car into the driveway, walking to the mailbox, and up to the house. I remember giggling to myself “how funny would it be if I were actually seeing this right now?”

Then the front door opened!

Usually, the dogs alert me that he is home about 2-3 minutes before he walks in the door. This particular day, both dogs were asleep in my room. There were no alerts and I thought it was earlier than it actually was!

Precognitive dreams can be as simple as this or something much dire such as seeing a catastrophe before it happens. Our minds both conscious and subconscious are capable of so much more than we can even fathom. It is no wonder that while dreaming we have access to so much more than what meets the naked eye.

Have you had any precognitive dreams you would like to share? If so post below!

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