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How To Work With Healing Crystals

Over the past few years healing crystals and stones have become more and more popular. I might even be so bold as to say they are becoming mainstream. Crystals and stones have energetic healing properties and help to assist in grounding and keeping away negative vibes.

People across the globe are starting to realize that crystals are more than just a pretty face! Each stone has its own unique personality and traits! Did you know that quartz is even used in many of our electronics?

How do you work with Crystals? How do you access those healing and uplifting properties?

You can wear your crystals!

It’s always best to have skin to skin contact when you’re working directly with your crystals. You can wear your stones as a necklace, bracelet, or even as a ring!

Certain stones can be worn to block you from receiving negative energies while others can be worn to enhance your own intuitive abilities. I love to wear citrine on days where I am feeling sluggish or energetically drained!

Hang out with your crystals!

It sounds strange but to get to know your stones you need to work with them! Hold them while you meditate and notice how they make you feel. Some stones you will resonate with and some you will not.

For example, when you hold a piece of aquamarine you may be calm and centered. You may feel at peace and totally blissful. Then when you hold a piece of sodalite you may not feel anything at all. We resonate with different stones at different seasons in our lives. To know which you work best with you have to familiarize yourself with them!

Meditate with your crystals!

You can sit with the stones in each hand (just make sure to stay balanced). You can also cup your hands together so that the palms are facing towards you – stone in the center. This will direct the healing and energetic properties back to you! Meditating with your stones will connect you to their properties and help deepen your practice!

Clear your chakras!

This one is easy and fun! Lay flat on your back and place a crystal on each chakra. Choose a stone that connects to that chakra either in color or in properties.

Next, visualize your chakras opening and expanding and then allow the crystals to do their work! To learn more about chakras check out this article! 

Remember no matter how you’re using your stones or which stones you possess, intention is key! Set the intention to clear, heal, feel, or manifest each time you work with your stones.

Get to know them and how they make you feel! While each stone possesses its own properties they will react with your energy in a way that is unique to only you!

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