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How To Start Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting our own intuition isn’t always an easy task. I’m not just talking about mediums here, I am talking about the population as a whole. Let’s take our intuitive practitioner hats off for a second. How many times has your gut tried to tell you something but you went ahead and did the opposite? How did that turn out for ya? Today we’re going to talk about how to start trusting your intuition.

There have been scientific studies done that say the stomach often acts as a second brain; being a medium I know this to be true. Years before I ever accepted or started working with my gifts I would get “gut” feelings about people and usually ignore them.

We’ve all had that sense of knowing something is “off” with someone even having just met them five seconds ago. I myself used to know the outcome of a situation before it ever happened but did I warn people or tell them my feelings? Usually not.

I can say with honesty that every time I’ve ignored my intuition I’ve regretted it.

Intuitive hits can come from gut feelings, a clear knowing, little messages inside our head, or even seeing situations unfolding before they ever happen. Dreams are also a great way to uncover truths, underlying issues, or subconscious knowings.

When you’re a medium or intuitive practitioner of any kind you rely on your intuition to get you through the day.

In my case, my intuition is my only source of income so you would think I would have no problem listening to it. Still, even the most seasoned intuitive practitioners second guess themselves sometimes. After all, we are still human.

So how do we learn to trust the information we receive? How do we learn to trust the symbolism, the words, the names, and everything else that spirit provides?

The best way to trust your intuition is by validation.

  1. When I am feeling defeated or don’t feel as spiritually connected as usual I go back in the vaults. I try to remember all of the times I’ve had incredible validations and remind myself that I am a great medium but we all have our days.

  2. I also do a flipped version of technique number 1! I will ask myself when have their been times that I didn’t follow my intuition and how did that work out for me? How many times was I getting a weird – seemingly insignificant image during a reading and not say it only to have the client bring it up 2 seconds later? Coulda, woulda, shoulda trusted spirit!

  3. Another way I validate and trust in my intuition is giving readings to myself. Let me tell ya, I am my own worst critic. Aren’t we all? I will treat my session just like I would anyone else’s, the whole shebang. I take care to only ask questions to things that I don’t know the answer too. When the answers and images are shocking to me then I know that the information received came from spirit and that it wasn’t “just me”. Just in case, however, I double or sometimes even triple validate.

How you ask? With divination tools!

  1. Every morning I talk with my guides and higher-self; I ask for any messages that I need to hear for the day. Then I will get out my oracle cards and ask the same question. If the cards are in alignment then BOOM double validation. I also do this after a full session reading with myself. (The cards have only not been in alignment twice…EVER!)

  2. Last but not least I will triple validate by using a pendulum. I will ask yes or no questions (usually piggybacking off of the information I already received). As long as the answers are in alignment I know that I am clearly overthinking and need to just listen to the information I received regardless of whether I like it or not!

Just because spirit isn’t sending us the signals, messages, or intuitive hits that we WANT to hear, it doesn’t mean that it’s not what we need to hear. This is where trusting our intuition is hard, even in everyday life.

No one wants to feel like they can’t trust someone immediately upon meeting them. So what do we do? We give them the benefit of the doubt only to find out we should have listened to our intuition. What about when our gut says “don’t take that shortcut” but we do it anyway? We might end up lost or in more traffic than expected!

It isn’t always easy to trust higher guidance. Let’s face it, for most of us we can’t see it and therefore it is hard for our human minds to trust it. Seeing is believing for most people after all.

If you’re an intuitive practitioner struggling with trusting the information you’re receiving then I invite you to try the validation techniques above.

Don’t think you’re a medium but still want to feel more aligned and trusting of your connection? I invite you to go with the most loving of the guidance you received, as your spirit team will never steer you wrong. Remember they will always point to your best and highest good, even if that means walking away from someone you love dearly.

Sending love and healing beloveds! Ashley

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