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How To Start A Spiritual Business? A Guide To Becoming A Spiritpernuer

How to start a spiritual business? A guide to becoming a spiritpernuer

Have you ever heard of the term spiritprenuer? A spiritprenuer is someone who is focused on living their most authentic life through their own heart-centered business. A heart-centered business doesn’t have to be spiritually based either! To me, being a spiritprenuer means following your highest path and allowing the universe to then provide the abundance!

Step 1- Find Your Passion And Then Build Around It!

What really drives you? We all have at least one thing that we could get lost in for hours and feel like only minutes have passed. For some, it’s art, others may find their bliss in landscaping, and for some, it may be in the realm of spirituality.

I had no plans of becoming a professional medium or coach, but when you align with your highest path doors open where walls once stood! You see, this blog started simply because I was moving through a serious awakening and was trying to find my footing, but I felt alone. I knew that if I felt alone, someone else out there must have felt the same, and thus, the blog started as a type of open diary to document my journey.

After a few months of writing, it turned out that people were not only reading my blog, but they were also wanting more. People I didn’t even know wanted to learn from me, and y’all, my mind was blown! I started out by giving free practice readings then eventually created a program for those wanting to learn more about their intuition. (Side note: this program has been improved over the years and has helped thousands of people already!) From there, I moved into intuitive life-coaching, business coaching, and now we are here!

You see, I didn’t choose the spiritual life it chose me, I simply allowed myself to flow with the signs the universe was providing. I aligned myself with what pulled at my heart, and thus I unintentionally became a spiritprenuer!

This is how it works, folks! No matter what field you’re in, if you choose to align yourself with what feels good and then you stay committed and disciplined to your path, the universe will always provide!

For help finding your purpose and aligning with your highest vibration schedule your coaching sessions here!

Step 2 – Building The Business

This is the fun, frustrating, and patience building part of the process. It is equally as thrilling as it is draining. There is so so so much that goes unseen when you are building a business. Honestly, I’m grateful that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into or paralyzing overwhelm may have stepped in. Now, however, I know about the overwhelm, how to break through it, and how to teach YOU to do the same.

You just gotta start! Seriously, just start your spiritual business!

Find a name you like and lock it down for a website. Then learn to build the website! I started with (a free blog builder) and moved up to bluehost/ for a fully customizable site that allows you to sell products. (Side note, I suggest starting with Bluehost and wordpress. It will save you time and money in the long run!)

I taught myself everything I know and to be honest when it comes to website building there is still a lot that I don’t. Have you ever tried custom coding? That is a language of its own but I digress. The point is through all of the long nights and frustration, something inside of me knew that this was what I needed to do. Something wouldn’t let me quit even when I really felt that this was too much.

Want help starting your blog and learning the basics?? I can help schedule here!

Step 3 – Self-discipline and confidence are key to being a spiritprenuer!

Let me say this realllllll loud for the people in the back…You can have all the talent in the world but if you don’t believe in yourself or what you’re selling no one else will either.

Maybe you’re a plumber, or perhaps you’re a massage therapist the fact is if you’re not willing to say you’re great at what you do and honestly believe it the universe is going to give you people to test your belief system.

As a medium, messages for my client often overlap with my own life. Actually, this is very common for those delivering spiritual messages. It gives us the empathy to help others but also provides us with messages we wouldn’t have normally been open to receiving from our own guides.

In business, people, lessons, and even income come in waves. This is why it is so important to stay aligned to your highest path. As a spiritprenuer, your job is to stay aligned with your heart-centered business and trust that you will be provided for.

  1. It is great to do what you love and love what you do, but you still have to show up and stay aligned.

  2. You will need to put in the hours and know that not all of your work will be seen or appreciated. At some point, you will question everything.

  3. You will ask yourself if you can keep doing this, if this is the right path and if your bills will be paid?

  4. Subconsciously you will even look for people to tell you you’re not good enough so that you have an excuse to quit!

Friend, I can tell you one thing, if you stay aligned and you sit in trust, and you follow your highest path, it will always always work out! It may not look how you planned originally, but that is a blessin’ more times than not. Again trust me, I’ve been, and I’m sure I will be back!

From one spiritprenuer to another you can absolutely do this but you’ve got to believe in yourself and trust in your spirit team to help you. Don’t give up. Keep going and don’t get bogged down with overwhelm!

If this article spoke to you and you’re ready to get your heart-centered business up and going, you will want to check out Soul-Driven Abundance, a group coaching experience I host only a few times per year!

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