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How To See A Ghost | How To See Spirit

How do you see ghosts and is it possible for everyone to do it?

I personally make an effort NOT to see ghosts because as a child I saw things all of the time. I’m not talking the beautiful wisps of energy that I see now. Or the colorful orbs out of my peripheral that I trust are my spirit guides. I’m talking full-on apparitions and people walking into doorways out of my peripheral.

First, understand that “ghosts” come in all shapes and sizes just like we do! Second, not all “ghosts” are “ghosts”. Make sense? No? Let me explain!

We aren’t really trying to see “ghosts” per say…we are trying to see spirit. That includes spirit guides, passed friend’s and loved ones, angels, and yes….ghosts.

Ghosts (aka Earthbound spirits) are spirits that are still hanging out down here on Earth so their energy is a bit denser than the rest. This is why people associate cold spots, apparitions, and things moving with ghosts. They for whatever reason never crossed over and ascended to the higher realms of spirit. Thus they are closer to us and are frequently seen, felt, and heard.

A Step By Step Guide On How To See Ghosts

Step 1:

Set your intentions, ground, and clear your chakras.

Step 2:

Focus on the Third-Eye for a bit. Use visualization to strengthen this muscle!

Step 3:

Work with your clairvoyance!

As mentioned above you can do exercises that aid in the development of your clairvoyance. The articles below can assist you with this!

Step 4:

Start with your guides and spirit team.

Get into meditation and ask them to step forward! Pay attention to any faces that come through, memories that pop up, and colors that you see. Meet your spirit guides here! 

Step 5:

Ask to see spirit physically! Ask your guides and spirit team to start appearing to you throughout the day.

Take note of any lights, flashes, whisps, or colors out of your peripheral! This is how spirit generally shows up in our physical experience.

Step 6:

Go to a location prone to spirit activity!

  1. Abandoned lighthouses or coast guard towers

  2. Old battlefields

  3. Parks

  4. Wooded Areas

  5. Old homes turned into museums

  6. Any known “haunted” location in your area

And please, use common sense and discernment! Always ground and protect your energy before any spirit work. Make sure to set firm boundaries with spirit and ask your guides to tag along as well.

Ghosts can best be seen with a soft gaze. Think tired eyes about to drift off to sleep but still slightly opened.

Ghosts can be seen as:

  1. Fuzzy air

  2. Heat waves

  3. White wisps

  4. Faces

  5. Full apparitions

The best lighting to catch a glimpse of a ghost is when it’s dim but not dark! Think dusk, dawn, overcast, or misty rain!

Remember, always practice spirit connections safely and with the utmost discernment! To learn more about how to practice safely and develop your intuitive abilities, check out the Intuitive Development Program or Mediumship, Diving Deeper Into Spirit Communication!

Happy ghost hunting!

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