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How to play it safe!

Maybe not the best title because this really isn’t a game, it’s serious kids! It’s fun and it’s beautiful and it’s uplifting…but there is a dark side too and we want to avoid that at all cost. The techniques I list below will work for all sensitives and even non-sensitives…although I believe that we all are in some way!

Stay Grounded! 

No no silly, not like you have to stay in and can’t watch T.V. although personally I can’t watch the news because it’s too negative. I mean stay connected to the Earth. She provides us with so much, air, water, LIFE. To connect to above means to also stay connected below. Here are a few ways to do this.

  1. A quick meditation wherever you are. you don’t even have to close your eyes. Just imagine roots growing out of your feet, through the building you are in, through the many levels of dirt, past the bugs, past the bedrock, and to the center of the earth. Then imagine yourself growing tall like a tree, up up up, and out. Set the intention to be deeply connected to Mother Earth. There you’re done.

  2. Take a walk in nature, this is my favorite way. I feel so at ease when I am by the ocean or in the woods. Just listen and feel the stillness and again set your intention.

  3. Garden. Being close to the earth and touching it and setting your intention is a great way to ground yourself.

  4. Touch a tree or a plant. At work and you can’t just go play in nature or garden? No problem! Touch a tree or a shrub on your way in. I do this AT LEAST once a day during my 9-5.

  5. Eat earthy foods. Plants, veggies, water, teas, and then thank Mother Earth for these gifts.

Remember, with all of these set your intention.

Light Shield! 

Sounds weird I know but no I am not talking about something from Starwars! It’s really simple, different people have different ways of doing this but here is my way.

Take a few breaths in and out and relaaaaax. Call down a bright white light from the divine. Allow this light to melt down over your head, drape down your arms, your stomach, legs, and surround your feet. This light should feel warm, soothing, and calm. Allow the light energy to flow UP through your feet through your bones, muscles, and all of your being until it’s worked it’s way back to your crown. Thank the universe for this protection and you’re done!

This baby works alikacharm! When I forget to do it I absorb so much energy from those around me and I am left feeling icky and drained. Give it a try! No one has to know what you’re doing. In fact, I had a friend ask me about a ghost in their house and I told them to do this and I must have said “I know this sounds crazy” about 10 times but to my surprise, they said “actually that makes a lot of sense” and they use it often now!

Other tools that I will write about in later posts are

  1. Burning sage

  2.  Incense – Frankincense and Dragonsblood are great cleansers

  3. Stone and Crystals

  4. Inviting high vibrational beings into your home…angels, arch-angels, etc…

  5. Getting to know your guides!

If you’re ready to start working on and managing your own intuitive gifts or find out who has been in your house you might be ready for some intuitive development! 

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