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How To Know When A Deceased Loved One Is Near!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

How To Know When A Deceased Loved One Is Near!

How do you know when a deceased loved one is near? If you’re anything like I was when you get signs and messages from your loved ones in spirit, you probably brush them off as wishful thinking. Our deceased loved ones try to connect with us all the time, but often we prefer to convince ourselves we are crazy instead!

Loved ones will let you know they are nearby gift giving!

Our loved ones often will give us a sign shortly after they pass that make us think of them. Those who are open and aware of those signs might show up in abundance to remind us we aren’t alone. On the other hand, non-believers or those convinced they are wishful thinking will be given signs a few times. Still, when brushed off, those signs will become fewer and fewer from their deceased loved ones.

Shortly after my grandfather died, he started gifting me bald eagles as a sign he was near!

I’m not sure why the bald eagle other than it’s rare, majestic, and eye-catching. I started pointing out the bald eagles I would see to my family (most of whom considered me crazy at the time.) It didn’t matter to me, though, because I knew those were signs for me. In meditation, after hearing his voice or seeing a vision of him, I would then see a bald eagle.

As I spoke out loud or cried because I missed him, an eagle or a picture of an eagle would always show shortly after. This was a direct sign from my deceased loved one!

Once while talking about my grandfather on a walk, my husband said, “look up,” and right above our head in our neighborhood flew a huge bald eagle!

These are the types of signs your loved one can give. Your loved one can bring you gifts of rainbows, certain animals, specific coins, or words. Deceased loved ones enjoy giving you signs to let you know they are around. You’ve just got to know what to look for!

Synchronicities can be messages given to you by your loved ones!

Recently I wrote an article about how to decode the synchronicities you’re given. We can expand that lesson into connecting with your loved ones!

Signs can come in different forms and from other ways of delivery!

My littlest sister text me two days ago telling me she was having the worst day and that an animal was right in the middle of the road and she almost hit it. Once she stopped, she realized it was a bald eagle! It turned around, stared her right in the eye for a few seconds, and then flew away.

The interesting about this is she is just as intuitive, if not more than me, but she isn’t yet ready to explore her gifts. Just like I did, she tries to push it away. When she text me this, she said she knew it was my grandfather, and the sign was meant for her!

My sister didn’t know that our mom randomly sent me a picture she found the day before. The photo was of me in a tutu, my mom, and my grandfather. Those two things were synchronistic messages from him!

However, what prompted this article is going to blow your mind because it blew mine! Our deceased loved ones are near, and these signs and synchronicities prove it!

I am just sitting on the beach enjoying my day of writing and hear a mom say she forgot her children’s sunscreen, so I offered her mine. We looked at each other and thought we both looked familiar, so we exchanged names. Then this girl asked me, “who was your grandfather?”

As it turns out, she had met him about a year before he was diagnosed with cancer. At the time, her boyfriend ended up doing work at my grandfather’s house, and she recognized me from pictures on the wall!

Off all the spots on the beach, of all the beaches in the area, this is where we both landed. Three days after my mom text me and two days after my sister, this is who I run in to.

Our loved ones try so hard to get our attention! We have to be available for the signs and guidance they are sending!

Once you received the signs of your loved ones, it’s time to decode their messages!

  1. Say thank you first of all!

  2. Ask if they have anything for you.

  3. Use your strongest clair to receive their message, and if you don’t know how I can teach you here!

  4. Don’t think it’s wishful thinking! It’s a visitation!

  5. If you’re dreaming of them, smelling them, or hearing their voice know this is a visitation!

You aren’t crazy! Your loved ones are around you and want to assist you, nurture you, and guide you. Let them in and allow yourself to feel their love!   

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