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How To Know If You Are Clairsentient | Clairsentience Meaning 

How To Know If You Are Clairsentient – Clairsentience Meaning

Are you clairsentient? What is clairsentience, and how do you know if you have it? You might be clairsentient if you are someone that effortlessly picks up on the moods and emotions of other people! Have you ever walked into a room and known that there was recently an argument? Do you ever have feelings of being watched yet no one is around?

If you answered yes to the above questions, then you, my friend are likely clairsentient!

Clairsentience means clear feeling. These clear feelings come with being empathetic to the moods, emotions, and even ailments of other beings. When you are clairsentient, you may take on feelings of anger or sadness from another person or animal simply because you passed them.

You may find yourself feeling tingles on your skin or scalp at random times or feeling like someone is watching you yet no one is around! When these sensations occur, you are tuning in to the vibration of another energetic being. Don’t get freaked out just yet, most of the time its a loved one or spirit guide merely trying to get your attention!

As an energy sensitive, you can connect with other people on a “psychic” level. This means you could (if you wanted to) read their energy! 

As empaths and energy sensitives, we can become overwhelmed quickly and don’t understand why we feel this way. Until we recognize that we are taking on the energies of others, those anxious feelings will keep happening! I know that it can feel uncomfortable to continually be a sponge for the emotions of others around you (including spirit), but it’s also a beautiful gift!

Empaths and clairsentient people have the ability to help heal on an energetic level! We can tune in to see what a person is holding onto in their energy field. Energy sensitives can pinpoint where pain centers come from and help people to move that energy out of their body and spirit.

As a clairsentient person, you can pick up on the energy of properties too! This is especially helpful when you are looking to purchase a home or vehicle.

If you’re extremely empathic, then intuitive wellness is essential for you! What is also essential is learning to tune into your clairsentience when you want to and out when the energy is just too much. You can learn to do that here! 

Clairsentience is an intuitive ability that allows you to facilitate energetic healing but also to give “psychic” type readings. You can learn to feel into the energy of another person to view past events with this ability! Psychically you can help communicate lessons to them that their soul wants them to know and even feel the presence of spirit around them!

If you want to learn to tap into your clairsentience and to be a lightworker for another check out Mediumship – Diving Deeper Into Spirit Communication! 

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