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How To Know If A Ghost Is Trying To Get Your Attention. Spirit Being Persistent?

12 Signs Spirit is Trying to Get Your Attention

There is nothing like waking up in the middle of the night from a dream about someone you haven’t spoken too in over a decade then finding out that they recently passed away. Was it a coincidence or something more? Was it a premonition or was that spirit actually trying to connect with you?

How do you know when a spirit is trying to get your attention?

For as long as I can remember I’ve had scenarios like this both with the living and the deceased. Because yes, a living spirit can reach out for help if they are in dire need.

Dreams are often the first way a newly departed spirit will try to connect with you. It’s the easiest way for them to connect because you are open and receptive in the dream state. The dream may be about them or someone directly connected to them. This technique allows you to realize the synchronicities when things start to come to light. (More on this in a minute)

Tops Ways Spirit Tries To Get Your Attention

You can’t this person out of your head.

If there is a spirit that is trying to connect with you then you can bet that you’re going to have a hard time shaking the thought of them. There is even more validation if you were never close to this person or haven’t had contact with them in quite some time.

When a spirit passes and they have an important message to bring through they will incessantly try to connect with the closest “medium” to them until they are “heard”.

How does this manifest?

  1. Songs get stuck in your head that remind you of this person.

  2. You hear their voice internally or externally.

  3. They send you signs that keep on repeating and it extends beyond numbers. (Like hearing the same song 4 times within a 3 hour period)

  4. Pictures or things that relate directly to them may pop up unexpectedly in places like social media, your phone, or just seeing the person’s name randomly throughout the day.

  5. You will probably have trouble sleeping because they are trying to visit during this time.

  6. The thought of them makes you anxious or emotional for reasons you don’t quite understand.

  7. You keep seeing images or having dreams of their family or people directly connected to them.

These are all ways that spirit uses our own internal dialect and thought processing systems to connect with us. When they are really adamant it seems like the more we try to push them away, the more they will persist.

Other signs a spirit is trying to get your attention

  1. The synchronicities start to become uncanny

  2. You start hearing things all of a sudden (words, their name, thumps, walking, etc)

  3. You drive past the type of car that they used to drive – multiple times a day

  4. You feel like you’re supposed to be doing something or like you’re forgetting something but you have nothing on the list. This is actually them trying to get a message through to you!

There are tons of ways that spirit tries to connect with you. If they have recently departed and it was unexpected, you can be sure that you’re not going crazy. That spirit has a message to get through to you because they need that message to be passed along to their loved ones and they aren’t going to let up until someone hears them out!

This was recently the case in my own life. Without giving away too much for the privacy of the family in this hard time, I will tell you this.

I woke up one day after having a dream about a friend I hadn’t had any communication with in over 12 years. I thought it was strange but the weirdest part was, the dream wasn’t so much about him but more so his family. I shrugged it off and tried to move on.

Two days later I see a status update from my friend’s mother saying that her husband had gone missing. I thought it was sad and pretty synchronistic but I was sure everything would be ok.

All day long I couldn’t get him out of my head. I felt like I was trying to solve a mystery that had nothing to do with me or anyone in my circle. It was the weirdest feeling and I kept trying to shake it.

The next morning my social page was flooded with content about the missing person saying that he had passed away. No other information was provided.

Over the course of the next 4 days, this is what happened –

  1. I couldn’t sleep…like at all

  2. Songs that were over 20 years old that I KNOW he listened too kept turning up on the radio

  3. I kept hearing his laugh

  4. Within 3 hours I heard the same song 4 times on different media streams (5 more minutes by Scotty Mccreery). I was on the treadmill the third time and tried to change the song. The next song that came on was a rap song that starts with “I am just a soul that’s trying not to be misunderstood” and I heard this person laughing in the back of my mind.

  5. In less than 24 hours I saw this person’s name on a license plate, a billboard, and on the back of an old scrap piece of paper in my car.

The biggest thing though that gave even me the chills.

I logged on to social before heading to the gym in the morning. His wife had posted a picture of a flowering plant in her house that was not supposed to bloom yet. She said that she knew that was a sign from him.

As I walked out my front door, there on the concrete was the same exact type of flower laying completely by itself.

After so many signs and this spirit clearly trying to get my attention… I gave in. I sat down, I meditated, and I asked him how I could help. He relayed to me his very personal messages and I promised to pass them on if he brought his family to me.

This is what I usually do in these situations as to not overstep my bounds with those who are not ready or willing to hear the messages.

I had a good cry, he had a good laugh, and he has since given me some space.

When spirit is being a bit overactive it’s not because they are trying to bother you. It’s because they have something important to say and you might be the only one that can help them.

Sending so much love to this spirit and all of those that were taken from us too soon. May your messages be received and the hearts of your loved ones healed.

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