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How To Heal Relationships Energetically. Connect With Someone’s Soul.

We all have people in our lives that just rub us the wrong way. Either we don’t see eye to eye, they’ve always got something to say, or they just make you want to cringe. Though I feel awake, aligned, and spiritually connected that doesn’t mean that certain people don’t get on my damn nerves sometimes. Sometimes we just don’t fit with certain people and I’m not going to act like those people don’t exist for you or for myself.

However, what if I told you that there was a better way to handle your interactions with these people? What if I told you that you could energetically start to heal your relationship with them and it doesn’t involve having to physically communicate with them at all?

I can hear you now…

“That sounds amazing but also impossible. You don’t know how this person is.”

Well, full disclosure, I don’t know them but I also don’t need too. I know spirit and I have a little trick up my sleeve that has worked every time and for every person, I’ve recommended it too. You’ve got to be open to healing though if you want it to work. Are you open to healing? Because it has everything to do with YOU and nothing to do with the other person.

Here’s how to have a more positive interaction with someone that you feel less than positively about!

Simply address their soul before you ever come into contact with them. Simple. As. That.

Now, what the heck does this mean and how do you do it? Well you see, our physical body is like a car but our spirit is the driver. In other words, our spirit is what is in control. It can communicate with other souls and it doesn’t need that soul’s physical body to do so. HELLOOOOO, how do you think I do the work that I do? It’s all just energy! You can do it too!

Here are the steps

  1. Get into a relaxed state. A few deep breaths in, a few deep breaths out.

  2. Ground, clear your energy, and call down that channel of divine communication.

  3. Now, see yourself as a spirit – however this looks to you.

  4. Envision the other person’s spirit standing directly in front of you. (Remember, you’re coming at this from a place of love and compassion so no throwing elbows in this visualization!!)

  5. Speak to this spirit. Tell it the kind of interaction you would like to have.

You may say things like:

“Today we are going to have a pleasant interaction.”

“Today we are giving each other our best.”

“Today we will talk and act respectfully towards one another.”

“Today I forgive you, I accept you as you are, and I am ready to heal this relationship.”

Say anything you want but say it intentionally with both of your highest and best good at heart. Then, see yourself hugging this person, shaking their hand, or sending them love before you walk away. Don’t forget to protect your energy and trust that you have began to heal.

You can do this with any situation, person, group of people, etc. Remember, when you set the intention to see from your soul’s perspective you see with unconditional love and leave the ego behind. That is why this works! If you greet someone’s soul before you physically interact with them, you’re guaranteed to have a better interaction!

How you will know it worked

The interaction will be better than in the past. Does this mean you and that person will have the ultimate breakthrough and run through the daisies together? Probably not.

What is more likely to happen is that you will not be in situations that cause conflict with them. Another indication that this worked it that they will not have much to say at all. (This is most common. There is less interaction between you but it feels more comfortable). Though, the ideal outcome is that you actually have a nice time when around this person, they acknowledge you in a positive manner, and you feel a shift…even if just for the day.

I have used this method to heal many relationships in my life (I have used it more than once on the same person with the word forgiveness in mind). In addition to using it with people, I will use it on groups of people like if I am giving a group reading or going to a large family event. In cases like these, I will sit down beforehand and ask my guides to introduce me and connect me to the people that will be there on a soul level. It helps to take away the social anxiety and creates better interactions overall!

Until next time beloved! Ashley

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