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How To Heal Emotionally! Uncover Your Subconcious Triggers

Healing deep emotional wounds is not an easy thing to do especially if we can’t exactly identify what those wounds are. Small triggers that set you off and send you spiraling down into a whirlwind of emotion are the ultimate telltale sign of what needs to be revealed so that it can be healed.

As someone who has done a lot of self-healing work, I can tell you it isn’t an easy task. Often, it’s quite unsettling and messy.

As old emotions surface our first instinct is to get upset at ourselves for being upset about something that happened years or even lifetimes before. However, when we are healing we need to be gentle with ourselves just as we would with a major surgery. We need to go slow and know our limitations. In healing, we must identify what makes the pain ache and then do the proper exercises to gain back our strength.

When you start to unearth what has been buried down within you for so long it can feel overwhelming. It can feel like you’re going through it all over again and like the past is very present.

People say time heals all wounds but energetically speaking this isn’t really true. Sure, things get easier and we can push them further down until they become less noticeable. This isn’t healing though this is just turning a blind eye and hoping and praying that it will eventually go away.

Here are some clue to let you know if you have emotional wounds that still need healing

  1. An old memory keeps surfacing randomly

  2. Things other people do that have no consequence to you trigger old emotions

  3. You often feel guilty with no explanation of why

  4. You sometimes feel so unfocused and stuck that you find it hard to function but you have no clue where it’s coming from or why it’s so intense

  5. You often replay situations or arguments over and over in your head even from years ago

  6. You get anxious about something you said or did years ago that no one speaks of now

  7. You hate being alone

  8. You feel like you can’t trust certain types of people

Medical disclaimer ***If you have these feelings more often than not it may be a sign of depression and you should seek medical advice.***

Now that the medical disclaimer is out there I would like to note that for ME…self-exploration and healing WAS the CURE for my depression.

If you feel like you might have some deep seeded issues that need to be healed I want you to know that while it’s going to be tough it’s also going to lead to a beautiful destination.

To begin to heal emotional wounds I would invite you to take the following steps:

For me this really allowed everything to start to rush to the surface. I had never sat down with myself in the past. I never allowed myself to just be and listen to the thoughts that I had coming up.

Some of the thoughts that came up for me were rather dark to my surprise. Others made me realize that I had been holding on to so much from the past. For the first time, I saw how much resentment I was holding on too and how much blame I was placing on others.

Identify Your Patterns

Once you start meditating and these things start to surface you will be able to see clear patterns that repeatedly play throughout your life.

An example would be that as a child, you felt that you were a burden for your family and others. Then as an adult, you end up in co-dependent or abusive relationships. These things show that on a subconscious level you might feel that you are not worthy of unconditional love and feel you must always be striving to earn the affection of another.

Another pattern might be feeling like no matter who you are with, what you do, or where you go, someone has an issue with you or is out to get you. This is a sign that on a deeper level there are undealt with insecurities that are surfacing as defense mechanisms.

As you allow your emotions and memories to surface you will be able to more easily identify your patterns.

Re-Write Your Story

Once you have identified your patterns you have the ability to take the pen to paper and create a new storyline!

To do this start by saying what you ARE willing to accept, how you ARE willing to feel, and how life will start responding to you.

Using the examples above it might look something like:

“I am giving myself permission to be loved. I am worthy of love, I am worthy of respect, and I am deserving of having this love and respect flow to me with ease. I am only connecting with those that are uplifting for me. I am only willing to connect with those that have my best interest at heart! I love my life and my life loves me back. I accept and love myself!”

This is a rewritten story. You have to say it over and over again! You have to look in the mirror and make yourself believe it! You have to be willing to put your foot down and stand in your power when someone challenges your new set of beliefs.

People, even those that are “not energy sensitive” can sense your vibration. If you’re strong in your story you will attract the people that flow with that story and match your vibration! This can be good and bad so just remember, you teach others how to treat you!

As your healing takes place the universe will send people and situations your way to test you. They do this because they love you and are trying to show you your own strength. Once you get through this you will “level up” every time!

If you would like more in-depth ways to navigate your own soul healing journey I have a few options that I am confident would be beneficial to you below!

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