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How To Find Satisfaction in Life and Work

How To Find Satisfaction in Life and Work

Do you know what a big part of our life revolves around? I’ll give you one guess… that’s right, it’s work! Work is inevitable (for most of us). There are bills to pay and mouths to feed and lights to keep on. My belief, though, is that work does NOT have to suck. Your work takes up so much of your precious energy – shouldn’t it be satisfying?

Your energy is valuable and what you put out into the world can be incredibly satisfying. Your job, career, and way of earning should bring you some sense of joy and saitsfaction

Growing up, I remember hearing “it’s work, it’s not supposed to be fun.” Well, I didn’t like that idea and decided from a very young age that actually, work and life are supposed to be satisfying and, at the very least, enjoyable! In the past, whenever I quit a job, it wasn’t because of the money. It was because I was energetically drained and unsatisfied.

If I wasn’t happy where I was spending most of my time and energy, then I knew that “season of life” was over for me.

About 10 years ago, I recognized that I had a tendency to take inventory of life and my happiness level about every 3 years. Now I know I was actually recognizing and becoming aware of my own patterns!

With every job, around the 3-year mark, I would decide if I was happy, had room to grow, and if the job was helping ME grow. If it wasn’t, then most times, I was out. My last job lasted over 5 years but I hit that 3 year mark pretty hard and allowed myself to be miserable for two long years after. I would have nightmares of work and I was miserable from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed and complained all the way through. 

The job wasn’t really that bad and I made great money, which is why I stayed so long, I think. However, I knew I was meant for more. I knew I was overqualified and underpaid. Most importantly, I knew that I had a lot more to bring to the table, but my voice wasn’t being heard and my talents weren’t being utilized. That was my frustration and that is why I was dissatisfied. 

Anything you’re giving a large amount of your time and energy to should bring you a sense of joy, fulfillment, and purpose

The story “a job isn’t supposed to be fun” is an old one, a folktale if you will. Today, we can create, do, and build anything with the right mindset and a little bit of interwebs. 

I created this website as a way to document my journey with self and psychic development. My hope was it would help at least one person. Today, has become a go-to source for all things

  1. Psychic development

  2. Mediumship development

  3. Spiritprenuers (aka anyone who wants to turn passion into prosperity)

  4. And all the other things

I created a journal, which turned into a how-to site, which turned into a resource, and then unintentionally a business. I didn’t find the spiritprenuer life, it found me. And I have been happier in my life and career than I could have ever imagined!

I was shown by my audience that I had something they needed. I had people asking me to coach them, read them, and help them, long before I even thought that I was capable of such things! 

Every single day, my clients inspire me, push me to do better, and show me love and support. When I check my pageviews and site traffic, I am so grateful to know spirits messages are reaching so many people who need them right now via blogs and videos

Every day, I am proud of and satisfied by the work that I do! It’s sacred to me and I feel I am truly living my life on purpose.

You don’t have to start your own business to be proud of and satisfied by the work you do. You can work a 9-5 and be satisfied; you can do shift work and be of service! You can work in a factory and be 100% fulfilled. It has to do with YOU. 

When do you feel in alignment? What inspired you? What calls to you? Is there something you can not get enough of? That will show you how to find work that satisfies you! 

We all have basic human needs that must be fulfilled for us to feel joyful and like we are living a life with meaning. 

  1. We must have certainty 

  2. We must have uncertainty

  3. We need security and to feel safe

  4. We need to feel loved, nurtured, and accepted

  5. We need to feel we are fulfilling our purpose

  6. We need to feel of service or needed

Things start to go haywire when we are lacking in these areas. This also applies to relationships, business, work, family, etc. 

You get to be proud of the work you do, fulfilled by it, and bring home more than just a paycheck. You can bring home happiness and positive vibes, while leaving the feelings of lack and inadequacy behind. 

I find that when we journal, tune into your spirit team, and allow ourselves to be truly vulnerable with ourselves, then we are shown the way. 

For many of my coaching clients, we start out with a focus on business and career, but find that there are many deep-rooted issues not even thought of that have been holding them back from joy and full potential. Through work with your spirit team, you can uncover what holds you back and keeps you stuck! Your intuition is there as a guide for you!

To tap into your intuition on your own, meet your guides, and work with managing your empathic gifts, enroll in the Intuitive Development Program for instant and lifetime access to over 30 videos and growing. 

To work privately with me, you can check out coaching options here! 

And if you’re ready to make the investment in coaching, but you’re not sure which package to start with, set up a free discovery call here! 

Life gets to be enjoyable, satisfying, and fucking awesome, we just have to get out of our own heads, rewrite our stories, and tap into our guidance system, and it will get easier and easier!


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