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How To Find Likeminded People | How To Find Your Tribe

How To Find Likeminded People | How To Find Your Tribe

Have you found your tribe yet? There is something so healing about finding the right people to share your time and space with. Some call them soul family, and others call them kindred spirits. No matter what you call your tribe, it is essential to connect with likeminded souls to complement your journey. As you awaken you might also find that you feel as if something or someone is missing, take this as a sign to find a likeminded friend!

How to find likeminded people – how to find your tribe!

Ask the universe to connect you with your tribe! 

When I started my spiritual journey, I felt more alive and enthusiastic about life than I ever had before. I was uncovering truths about myself, seeing my light for the first time, and I was loving the newfound joy that came with it. I was blissfully going through my awakening, and my intuitive gifts were firing up! 

The problem was that I had absolutely no one to share my experiences with. While I was happier than I had ever been, I also felt like not one single soul understood me or what I was going through. 

So, I asked the universe to send me a likeminded friend. 

I wanted someone to talk to that understood my life on the physical plane and what I was going through spiritually speaking. At the time, no one in my life was aware of what I was experiencing, and they certainly weren’t willing to share in my experiences. As silly as I felt, I asked the universe to send me someone that would understand me on all levels, someone that I was entirely in alignment with. 

Just two days after I had asked the universe to send me a likeminded friend, I logged onto Facebook to find this post at the top of a group page.

“Hi, I’m Emily, and it’s weird for me to put myself out there like this, but I am looking for a friend. I am a mom of two boys, and I just want someone to connect with and share a genuine friendship with. I am looking for someone who is open to spirituality and is awakening too! Message me if interested” ….or something like that

When I saw that post, my jaw dropped! Listen, back then, chatting with someone on the internet about my day to day life was not normal for me like it is now. Still, I checked my ego at the door and messaged Emily. She became one of my best friends for over 3 years. 

Emily and I chatted all day every single day from the first day I messaged her. We eventually knew everything there was to know about each other and even met in person after about a year. She was, and still is my person. Though we don’t talk as much as we used too, I still thank the universe for her and the connection we have all the time. 

Emily helped push me to start my blog, she pushed me to share my gifts, and we helped each other through our awakenings. We shared synchronicities, wins, losses, and the in-between. 

Remember that when you’re looking for a likeminded friend, they may show up differently than you expect. You might as well just go ahead and release all expectations and just let the universe do its thang! Trust me, it’s much better that way! 

You need to like yourself to find your tribe!

You’ve heard me say before that we teach other people how to treat us by how we treat ourselves and folks it applies here too. The more you accept who you are and learn to love that person, the more you will attract people to you that are a vibrational match! 

As you accept yourself and learn to love yourself, you raise your vibration. By going down the path of self-discovery and acceptance, you call to you those that are doing the same or that can assist you on your journey! 

The universe, your spirit guides, and your angels want nothing more than for you to live a blissful life alongside those who support and love you for who you are. 

A couple years ago, I wanted to find a tribe of like-minded women who owned their own spiritual and heart-centered businesses. It wasn’t until I decided to actually accept that my spiritual practice had turned into a spiritual business that I found them! 

For a long time, I struggled with charging for spiritual services and wasn’t necessarily aligned with building a business off of them. Because of this, I kept myself small and my business quiet. I knew it was what I was supposed to be doing, but the stories I was telling myself were that I shouldn’t be able to do what I love and support myself and my family from it. Eventually, I learned that this is what I am supposed to be doing. It indeed takes a lot of time, energy, and money for me to provide the blog content that I do and the services I provide.

After a few pushes from my guides, I wrote an article on why I charge for my services and how I started charging. Shortly after I accepted myself, my business, and my gifts I found my tribe of girls. Once again, they aren’t local to me, but we still talk almost every day! 

Align with what feels good to find likeminded people! 

What makes you light up? Is there something that you LOVE to do that makes the hours feel like minutes? Find that thing and do more of it! 

When you align with what feels good, you raise your vibration, thus calling in more of who and what feels good. The moment you step into action and physically go and DO the thing that lights you up, you have more of a chance of meeting likeminded souls! 

  1. If you love cooking and fresh veggies, go to a farmers market, vegan cafe, or coffee shop that serves local food. Chances are you will be able to engage in some great conversation and make new connections!

  2. Meditation is something many people love to do but have trouble committing too. I know it takes putting yourself out there a bit but find a local oneness blessing or group meditation to join! You already know those people are there to raise their vibes, so do it with the tribe! 

  3. If art is your thing, take an art class or peruse a local art store! 

There are so many ways to align with your passion, raise your vibration, and connect with likeminded people! 

You can take notice that all of these tips have one thing in common, your vibration! You attract to you who you are a vibrational match with. This doesn’t mean that as your vibration raises you have to ditch your current group of friends but it does allow more space for new ones to flow in. 

When we set our intentions, place our order with the universe, and align with what feels good people and things will naturally fall into place. 

I hope this helps! Join us in my Facebook Group if you’re looking to connect with more likeminded individuals trying to raise their vibrations, connect with spirit, and expand their intuition! 

Help me to help you! Let’s work together to align you with your full potential, see your own light, and manifest a life you LOVE! 

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