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How To Experience A Natural High | Are Spiritual Highs Real?

Are you looking for a natural high?

Is there really such a thing as a natural high? If you’ve ever been utterly blissed out of your mind, then you know that you absolutely can experience the awe of a spiritual high. It’s the most beautiful, loving, and expansive feeling that there is. The question is how do you get there?

Here’s how to experience a completely natural high

Reconnect with Source energy! You can call it God, The Creator, Oneness, whatever term you use is fine with me because it all means the same thing. To connect with Source is to feel the love from the creator energy from which we all came. It is the most beautiful, loving, blissful, feeling that there ever could be.

To do this and experience that natural and spiritual high do the following:

  1. Set an intention to connect

  2. Raise your vibration

  3. Do a journeying meditation

  4. Allow yourself to expand

  5. Accept yourself and others

  6. Meditate

The above is actually how you can consistently start to raise your vibration to connect with Source more easily. To really deeply experience that high you will want to do some kind of meditation with the intention of connecting with Source directly. The best way to do this is through a journeying meditation!

This month in The Spirited Life we have a full length journeying to Source workshop and meditation. These videos were inspired after my own recent journey to Source through an incredible hypnotic experience which can only be felt and not explained through words. Now it’s your turn!

You will definitely want to check it out here!

In The Spirited Life, we also are discussing why intuitives are magnets for the wounded. Have you ever noticed that those that are hurting or have constant struggles flock to you? Did you know that there is an actual reason for it? It’s because their soul knows that you embody the qualities to help them heal.

In The Spirited Life, I provide four videos and a workshop every month! Here is what you will find inside this month.

  1. Crystal of the month: Feldspar! What does it do and how to work with it?

  2. How to Reconnect with Source Energy

  3. Why Intuitives Attract the Wounded

  4. Noticing the Effects Of Spring on Your Soul – A Time For Awakening!

  5. Workshop: Hypnosis Journey To Source – A Spiritual High With Your Questions Answered

And as always included in the membership is a monthly energy report, exclusive member discounts, and a live group call each month!

Plus this month in honor of spring I am giving away a FREE coaching call to one lucky member of The Spirited Life. I will choose the winner on April 28th so if you want a chance to win a FREE coaching call ($165 regularly) join us today to grab the entire library of present and past content!

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