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How To Create A Vision Board For Manifesting!

What is in your manifestation toolkit? Do you have a ton of crystals and a million affirmations? What about a vision board? What is a vision board and how do you make one?

A vision board is a collection of images, words, and items that can be attached to a piece of paper. This collage makes the things you want in your life seem just a little bit closer by having them all gathered in one physical place!

Your vision board should be tangible. You should be able to hold it, touch it, and put it together with your own two hands. Doing this physically puts more of your own energy and vibration into your masterpiece!

How To Make A Vision Board

First, you’re going to want to collect images that represent the things you would like to manifest into your experience. My favorite way to do this is to grab a couple of good ol’ fashioned magazines and cut out some words and images that speak to you.

If you want to go on a vacation you might go through and find pictures of canyons, beaches, or mountains that look appealing to you. You can be as vague or as specific with this as you wish!

If it’s a relationship you’re looking for then go ahead and cut out pictures of happy couples dancing, vacationing, or simply laughing. Remember you’re not trying to manifest the guy or gal in the picture simply the FEELING that a relationship like that would bring to you.

Is it a home you want to manifest? If so, cut out images of the features you would like to have in your home! Bathrooms that you love and kitchens that make you swoon. You can even go so far as to print out a street name or section of a map that is in the area you want to live in.

Whatever it is that you’re trying to manifest cut out pictures that represent that to you! You should also include words, images, quotes, etc!

There are two things to keep in mind when building your board…

  1. DON’T feel like you will never be able to obtain the items on your board. You’re worth it and if you believe otherwise it’s going to make it very very difficult for you to manifest. As you’re making your board put vibrant energy into it!

  2. DO feel what it would be like to have those things! DO have so much fun making your board that you’re excited to start working with it!

After you’ve gathered all of your images go ahead and glue them onto a piece of paper making a nice little collage! Have fun and don’t be afraid to glue words that resonate with you over top of an image that they might align with.

Some people may use cork boards for this but I like the idea of glue VS a push pin, it makes it more permanent!

How To Work With Your Board!

Here is where it gets fun and you get to see all of your work come together!

  1. To work with your vision board sit down in a quiet and comfortable space. Open your mind and your heart to receiving.

  2. Next, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself that you are worthy! It doesn’t matter who you are or where you came from you deserve to have a beautiful life, beautiful experiences, and beautiful things just as much as anyone else does!

  3. Now I want you to look at each and every picture on your board and breathe into it.

  4. Put yourself into the picture!

  5. Visualize yourself actually having that experience and obtaining those things.

  6. Feel what it would feel like to have those things here and now.

A major key to manifesting is feeling! Embody the feeling that you’re already living the life of your dreams and feel GRATEFUL for the things you’re bringing into your experience. This accelerates the entire process. (check out this article for real-life manifesting stories!)

  1. Next, you need to visualize!

  2. See yourself on that vacation. See yourself walking around your new home. In these scenes, what do you see? What does the floor look like, what types of countertops do you have? Feel the love you’re putting out and receiving from the partner that has stepped into your life! Really experience all that you are working to manifest!

  3. Once you have gone through each picture and felt the feeling of having already obtained those things you should have a giant smile on your face and you should be feeling pretty good!

  4. After you’ve completed this process you want to do some kind of letting go visualization. This symbolizes that you trust that the divine has heard your prayers and all that you ask for is coming back to you.

One thing I have learned from spirit over and over is that when we try to control we hold the reins so tightly that it’s hard for the universe to help us. So detach and let the universe work it’s magic!

Have fun with your board and don’t be afraid to be BOLD!

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