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How To Become A Medium 

How does someone become a psychic medium? Stumbling across an authentic medium doesn’t just happen by chance – even for the non-believers. When you are connected to a medium, bump into one, or stumble across their social media, you can trust that you were absolutely guided to them for a good reason. It might be because there is an area of life you need to be looking at more closely. Perhaps you’ve been feeling alone and have had less than nurturing thoughts about yourself or there is also the possibility that you – yourself are a medium and it’s time you found out!

I’ve been doing this work for quite a few years now, and the one thing I know for sure is that in this life nothing happens by accident. I know that luck is not a thing and coincidences aren’t coincidences! What I mean is that every thought and action we have causes a rippling effect and every person we connect with is in some way our teacher. We meet people to help us along our path in particular seasons of life. Fate is real, the law of attraction is real, and synchronicities are very very real. Which means you running into a medium is no accident; it’s fate!

I’ve always had an odd fascination with ghosts, psychics, and spiritual principals. From a young age, I wanted to know the “truth” about God or “whatever” it was that was out there. These were all signs that I had an untapped intuitive side waiting for the right time to make its grand appearance!

In addition to crazy vivid dreams and nightmares, I always had feelings of being watched, and I somehow just knew things. I would even talk in detail about passed pets and people that had died long before I was born! I think my mom deemed me a child with a big imagination, but I found myself unsettled and unreliable to those around me.

During a bad breakup in my late teens, I went looking for my first taste of spiritual guidance. This “psychic” took one look at my heartbroken teenage face, told me I had a love curse placed on me, and asked for $600 to remove it. I only had $450, but she graciously took it to remove the curse, and I never heard from her again.

I was crushed. All my life, I thought that there was this mystical, spiritual side that seemed so enticing, yet my first taste was utterly disgusting! Now I understand that was just a stepping stone toward my path as a medium.

A few years after that, I had stronger experiences than ever, and a Medium named Wendy was suggested to me. I put it off for over a year thinking I would get taken advantage of again. Randomly, however, I would hear of a local medium or hear her name until eventually, I decided to give it another go. The first thing medium Wendy said to me was, “Ashley, you are not crazy….you’re just like me!”

She went on to tell me specific thoughts I had been having, brought through a deceased friend, and helped me more than I had ever expected. I went on to have three more mediumship readings with her over a few months, all of which changed my life and no, I am not exaggerating!

I was on my path to becoming a medium!

Here is how I became a practicing psychic medium!

  1. I started doing the self-work I needed to do to release my depression and raise my vibe.

  2. I started setting boundaries for myself and within my own energy

  3. Then I started learning about the different intuitive abilities and how to work with them.

I went down the spiritual rabbit hole to its core. During this time, I learned so so much about myself and spirit! I had even had connections with my spirit guides! After a while, I knew I had a responsibility to use this gift, yet I had no clue how to give a reading, nor did I believe in myself enough to do it.

Eventually, I was lead (see that…not by chance) to someone who I can only call my soul family. There was an instant familiarity when I met Kylie like we had been best friends for lifetimes. Kylie almost instantly pushed me to give my first ever reading! After that, she sent me another and another and another. My mediumship readings took off from there and much to my surprise before I knew I was a practicing psychic medium!

How Do I Become A Medium?

Though this post is only a few paragraphs long, it took me years to get to the point where I actually feel confident giving readings. What I have come to understand is that those of us that can hear, see, or feel spirit are actually able to develop our mediumship abilities. These gifts can and should be fine-tuned and strengthened over time!

An artist is born with an innate gift, but it takes practice, classes, and a finessing of his technique to really develop his skill.

An engineer may be naturally great numbers, problem-solving, and building but more work will be needed on her end! Classes, dedication, and continued education are always involved in refining and developing her skill set.

To become a practicing medium, I worked with mentors and took courses. I put everything I had into my mediumship development because once I opened those doors, there was no more shutting them. I learned quickly how beautiful, and healing spiritual connections are. It took only one reading to see the sacredness and healing that the other side brought not only to my sitter but also to me. I have gained what feels like lifetimes of wisdom, understanding, and maturity in a few short years by working with the energy and divine love of spirit.

You become a medium by opening your heart and your mind to spirit. Becoming a practicing psychic medium means dedicating yourself to the understanding and development and ethical responsibilities of your gifts!

Here is how you can develop your mediumship abilities

  1. You need to learn how to raise your vibration to maintain your connection with spirit throughout each day.

  2. You need to learn to connect with your spirit team and the team of another!

  3. You need to learn how to open and close a reading safely and effectively

  4. You need to learn the difference between different types of energies and how they feel – angels, guides, loved ones, etc.

  5. Refine your skills so you know what to do when you’re not getting anything!

  6. You need to learn to connect with your higher-self and the higher-self of another!

  7. You need to learn how to receive the specifics from the spirit and how to deliver messages that might be uncomfortable with grace.

  8. You need to learn the importance of delivering messages from the Divine.

  9. You need to learn how to give a beautiful and evidential reading.

  10. You need to learn how to set up a reading space

  11. You need to know the ethics and sacredness behind this work!

Where can you learn to do this? With me! I teach mediumship development inside my very in-depth video course. This course is for those wanting to learn mediumship for their own spiritual connections and for those who wish to expand their practice professionally! 

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