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How I Learned To Appreciate Myself. How I Accepted My Mediumship Gifts! 

How I Learned To Appreciate Myself. How I Accepted My Mediumship Gifts!

The rumors are true I was a fraud. I lied about who I was for yearrrrrrrs… make other people more comfortable. I didn’t accept who I was; heck, I didn’t even like myself half of the time!

I was a girl who was utterly unhappy with herself. I was discontent because I didn’t know myself, I didn’t know who I was or even what I truly liked to wear…crazy to think about, right?

In every season of life, before finding out who I was, I tried to fit in with everyone else’s world. I tried to wear certain clothes, listen to certain music, stay small, be quiet, do the things that would make me popular, etc. (BTW, I am grateful for those seasons because they truly taught me so much about what it means to love and accept yourself. Now I get to teach that to my kids AND my clients!)

All of this to say that one day I woke the eff up and decided to get my life under control!

I knew I couldn’t keep pretending to be happy or someone that I wasn’t. I knew that I had to get happy. I had to accept that I had unexplainable experiences that I wanted to understand. I also felt like there was a greater “truth” that I needed to find….and I felt like a crazy person for thinking it.

You see, the experiences came and went throughout life. The messages were random and fleeting, and it felt like when I actually tried to meditate or hear these messages, I got absolutely nothing. So the cycle continued. I thought I was crazy and making it all up. Until I realized I was either going completely insane OR i was some kind of a psychic intuitive person (which I knew nothing about at the time).

I buckled down. I decided to get happy, which led to raising my vibration, which led me to start receiving spirit messages and having even more weird experiences, which FINALLY pushed me to figure it out.

As it turns out, I was a medium and a pretty good one at that!

I was never truly crazy, anxious, or depressed. I just didn’t have a relationship with my higher self, and I was constantly feeling the energy from other people and spirits and didn’t know how to decipher it from my own.

I decided to stop being a fraud and pretending to be someone I wasn’t.

I decided to fully step into who I was born to be, and that was well over 6 years ago. Since then, I started a blog, left my corporate job, and now have a full-time mentoring and coaching practice. I have the tools to be happy and flow with life now. When life seems to go haywire, I now have a greater understanding and trust and get back on track much more quickly than in the past.

I accept myself fully now. I love myself fully now. I am an intuitive and mindset teacher, medium, and cool-ass person, and I own it fully now.

I want to teach you to do the same. The word is out and it’s official; I have launched my 6-month Mastermind! This container will teach you all things intuitive, spirit-identification, mediumship, and mindset that I know.

I am giving away all of my secrets, from re-wiring your mindset to running a business. I am teaching people in real-time to connect with their higher selves and their spirit teams and do so for others if they choose.

I am giving it all to you: my courses, my time, my highest intentions. However, because of the dedication and time going into this masterclass, I can only accept 6 people.

I know that isn’t many, but listen, each person will get 4 calls a month with me, including a group call and a mastermind class on TOP of 2 private sessions. We will also have constant communication on Voxer.

I am literally going all in and want to grant 6 people this opportunity to learn with me from the ground up. I only want those that are empowered and ready to change their life and in turn the lives of others even if they don’t know how that looks yet.

The right people for the mastermind are people who are interested in:

  1. Developing their intuition

  2. Bettering themselves

  3. Tapping into their own light

  4. Shifting their mindset

  5. Healing their inner-child

  6. Working with their spirit guides and spirit team

  7. Want to utilize their intuition in work, business, and life

  8. Want to learn to manifest consistently

  9. All around want to learn about spirituality from raising their own vibration to tapping in for others and giving readings/messages!

This 6-month container is for the women and men that are ready to tap in, tune in, and turn on their inner power flow. It’s for those that are ready to ignite their connection to spirit, life, and the energy all around and available to them!

My first ever mastermind is for those who are ready to embody their own light and tap into the highest consciousness available to them to blend with their higher self to serve and heal themselves and then others just by being in their highest vibration.

You’re at a point where you want to work with your intuition this is going to take you far beyond that into LIVING an intuitive lifestyle.

You already know that is where you’re headed!

You already know you want to be led, flow more, and heal. Babe, you already know you’re intuition is calling you, and it’s just a matter of time before you learn to accept it and let it heal your life in ways you never thought possible.

You know that is where you’re headed, why not go there with someone who has already lived it and experienced it?

You’re empowered to make this choice, you’re empowered to be your best you yet! Let me help you accelerate the process!

When you enroll in my mastermind, you will get instant access to my top 4 courses, one on one time with me, unlimited voxer chat, one group call per month, one mastermind class per month! (All classes and group calls will be recorded for rewatching/listening)

What’s included?

  1. Two 45 Minute private sessions with me and your spirit team per month

  2. One live group session per month

  3. One Mastermind class per month

  4. Unlimited Voxer Chat

  5. The Intuitive Development And Progression Course

  6. Mediumship Diving Deeper

  7. Mission Manifest

  8. Sacred-Self Healing

What we will cover?

  1. Intuitive Understanding

  2. Creating space to receive messages from the divine

  3. Learning all about the chakras, energy, body, and how it all connects to receiving intuitive hits, the physical body, and manifesting.

  4. How to connect with spirit (safely and effectively)

  5. Mediumship modalities

  6. How to connect with your guides, spirit team, and higher self

  7. How to give yourself and others readings

  8. How to manifest

  9. Mindset work

  10. Trauma healing via the inner-child

  11. Self-love, self-worth, self-healing, all the self-development

  12. What to do when your vibration slips and you need to bounce back!

  13. A bit of business help if that is something you need support with!

The program will cover all of this and more. I will support you, and we will support each other, and the mastermind continues. The private sessions will be client-led (meaning we focus on what YOU need to focus on) and the mastermind sessions will cover all of the bases mentioned above and more.

I only have 6 spots available for this program and will be likely closing my regular coaching program once it is filled to focus on this group. This is a big investment, but I haven’t found anything like it that will support you fully on your spiritual, intuitive, and healing journey towards becoming your best version.

You’re already going there, let me help you!

Only 6 spots are available! I also have a bonus for anyone who pays in full, a complimentary TWO HOUR healing, a transformational session with your spirit team before the mastermind even starts!

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