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How I Actually Got Happy And Tapped Into My Intuition

Here's How I Actually Got Happy And Opened My Intuition.

I remember the day my life changed forever. The day that put me in the seat, the life, the home I am in today.

I remember the day that I couldn’t stand it anymore! I couldn’t take feeling like I was missing something all of the time. I couldn’t take just functioning on depression while pretending I was happy.

I was living below paycheck to paycheck and was constantly getting random bills in the mail. My relationships were suffering and I hated my job. In my mind, I thought “I have a good job, I have a home, I have a man. I should be happy because this is as good as it will ever get.”

But, I was SO wrong!

I made a decision that day and it was to become “one of those happy people” (you know the people who wake up in the morning and actually look forward to the day?)

That day changed my life. I didn’t know it but I had asked The Universe for help and my life was changed forever!

I didn’t even know what I was doing at the time. I didn’t know how powerful that intention was that I set or rather, declared.

It’s so amazing to me to look back on that day, that girl had NO idea what was about to happen for her. The passion for life she would find, the beauty she would awaken too, and the connection she would have with everything around her.

It honestly feels like lifetimes ago…like a movie I can rewatch over and over and find something more magical each time I replay it.

I thank GOD daily that I was guided to that moment and all that happened for me after. I submerged myself into my mental health and mind-set healing from there my intuition opened and I actually became and continue to be (6 years later) “one of those happy people”

You can too. I know it seems too good to be true or too easy to work but I can take you there. I can teach you step by step how I changed my entire outlook on life in just a few weeks and because of that my actual life changed.

Let’s talk. There is so much power in deciding to be “one of those happy people” and then seeing your intuition flood open and how the universe starts to constantly work in your favor!

Do you feel stuck? Or, are you just ready to reach your next level?

Are you sick of living in survival mode? Maybe you’re feeling like you can’t catch up, like life is far beyond your control, or like no matter what you do you can’t get ahead?

Have you felt like something is missing but you can’t put your finger on it?

Do you have a yearning to find a deeper connection with yourself? To learn to love who you are and finally be able to live authentically without apology?

Are you ready to connect with your spirit guides and feel supported throughout each day?

Have you felt more pulled to learn about spirituality and connect with a deeper sense of being? 

Has manifesting not been working for you? Have you felt blocked no matter what you try?

Are you ready to just be happy? 

Listen, I've been there. It's Why I am here now!

I remember the day that I couldn’t stand it anymore! I couldn’t take feeling like I was missing something all of the time. I couldn’t take just functioning on depression while pretending I was happy.

I was living below paycheck to paycheck and was constantly getting random bills in the mail. My relationships were suffering and I hated my job. In my mind I thought “I have a good job, I have a home, I have a man. I should be happy because this is as good as it will ever get.”

But, I was SO wrong!

I made a decision that day and it was to become “one of those happy people” (you know the people who wake up in the morning and actually look forward to the day?)

That day changed my life. I didn’t know it but I had asked The Universe for help and my life was changed forever!

Reach New Levels Through INtuitive Coaching

The benefits of this coaching package –

Together, with your spirit team, we are literally going to change your mind. You’re going to see yourself, your life, and others in a new light. 

We are going to find those feelings and blocks you just haven’t been able to put your finger on. You’re going to crack open, reveal, and heal what’s been hiding deep within you.

You’re going to learn to tap into your inner guidance system in a very down to earth way. You’re going to receive guidance from your Higher-self (and develop a relationship with him/her). You’re going to connect with your spirit guides

Actual happiness. Plain and simple. The closer we get to our true and authentic selves the happier we naturally become. No more searching for outside fulfillment.  

Abundance. Whether you’re looking to change your current situation or take an already thriving business to the next level, you’re going to evolve in major energetic ways. Our work together will have you feeling abundant in all areas of life…because we are crushing old stories and re-writing “life-blueprints.”

"I love working with Ashley and I am so very grateful to have found her! Ashley is a great communicator, and her intuitive gifts and connection with Sprit have helped me in so many magnificent ways. I value her aptitude and approach beyond measure. The insights that Ashley delivers from her coaching perspective and from Sprit have given me a strong foundation for deep healing and connection with myself, my Spirit Team, thus resulting in a sense of inner peace and calm and surrender that is priceless! She has sat with me in sessions where I have processed some very tough things and she has given me guidance from Spirit without judgment or hurry. Each day I step more and more into my authentic self. In the 3 months that I have been working with Ashley, I feel like a whole new person. The ‘old-me’ of patterns, beliefs and judgements on self and others are a blip on my timeline. They are no longer baked into my daily life and thoughts.I am so thankful for Ashley’s welcoming personality and relatable ‘say it how it is’ approach and her sharing her own experiences; it feels like talking with a dear friend over lunch or tea. Thank you Ashley!"

DeeDee R

Coaching Client

I had unmanaged intuition, a Bad attitude, and no sense of who I was at my core

Something I realized was, you don’t know that you don’t know yourself until you find yourself.

There was a sense of “coming home” when I started doing my intuitive and mindset work. It was as if I had met myself for the first time ever. From there my life changed and amazing things started happening for me. 

My relationship with myself improved and so naturally the rest of my relationships did as well. I sold my home in 3 days in a down market and manifested over $28K. I manifested a new home in my ideal neighborhood that looked exactly like my vision board. I manifested a lot of things I never dreamt I could have before. 

Most importantly though, I manifested true happiness through the work I teach you to do in coaching!

You're Ready For Coaching If....

Your soul has been pulling you to your next level even if you don’t know what that looks like yet!

You’ve had a desire to deepen your connection with yourself or you’ve been called to understand a higher truth of what life is all about!

You know that it’s time for you to elevate your vibration and mindset and you’re ready for lasting changes not just affirmations that don’t stick! 

It’s time for a change, this is something you feel within your soul! You’re ready and passionate about living a more joyful life. 

You have a desire to connect with your inner-guidance system to be led daily! Your intuition will help guide you in relationships, business, and the day to day!

You’re ready to trust yourself, shatter limiting beliefs, set yourself free from pas weights and hurts. 

fall in love with Your Life Experience

Change Your Mind

Let go of old hurts, programs, and stories! Our work together will crush these old stories and release the patterns that consistently replay in your life. We will rewire your thinking to see life from a much more positive perspective.

Tap Into Your Intuition

If you're into spirit guides, connecting with your Higher Self, and being divinely led towards what serves you, I'm here to help you deepen that connection and understanding. I believe each of us can utilize our spirit team to guide us towards our best life yet!


You did not come here to pay bills and die. You didn't come here to exist in your life you came to to THRIVE in your life. Yet most of us are taught the opposite. I am here to tell you that I went from "you work, pay taxes, and then you die" to "life is really fucking magical! I get to live in abundance, love myself, enjoy all life has to offer, and thrive in every moment." Yes there will still be trials and tough days but our work together helps you navigate those and use even the toughest moments to help you self-eveolve and uplevel your life daily!

Raise Your Energy

One of the benefits of self-evolution is energy elevation! When I was sad, had unmanaged intuition, and was depressed, I was so lethargic! I would get sick often and never felt fully alive, if I am being honest. Just weeks after doing the work that I now teach you to do, I had a new sense of energy! A real, lasting, natural energy. It was from an elevated vibration and a constant connection to higher-energies. It changed my life! I became happier, healthier, and more positive but I also had so much unexplained energy!

Shift Your Life (And Relationships)

When you do the work to get your mind right, when you decide to love yourself, when you chose to let go of what's not serving you....YOUR ENTIRE WORLD RESPONDS. It feels like magic but it's not it's all energy. People respond to you differently, your relationships strengthen, you find a deeper meaning to life and you see how it flows. You realize everything is connected and it's a response to your relationship with yourself and the energy you exude. You shift your life by realizing you are the artist and your life is the canvas.

Heal. Heal Your Inner-Child, Your Relationship With You, Your Money Mind-Set.

The work we do together (and with spirit) heals all levels of your being that is why it's so so powerful! People come to me wanting to strengthen their intuition or work on abundance and leave with their jaws gaping open. Spirit brings through everything your soul needs you to know and heal. From inner child wounds to money mind-set beliefs that are holding you in a stagnant financial pattern. Spirit brings through things you never even thought to look at before. This is how you shatter the blocks. This is how you change for good - this is how you heal and change lineage programming. The work we do together not only heals you but your family relationships, patterns, and programing backwards and forwards. You taking this step heals you, your family, and overflows into the world. This work we get to do will shift everything for you and heal the world one new story and one higher vibe at a time. I know you're ready, let's take that next step!

What You Get During Our 3 Months Together!

10 private coaching sessions with Ashley.

These sessions will be a mix of:

  1.  Intuitive coaching (Ashley and your spirit team working together)

  2. Mediumship messages (one full mediumship reading included)

  3. Life-coaching

  4. Energy healing

  5. Inner-Child work

  6. Business coaching *if applicable* 

1 Additional GROUP coaching call per month.

Unlimited support via VOXER (I will reply within 24 business hours.)

Priority scheduling and priority access to workshops while we work together!


Ashley is a wonderful coach and an amazing Medium! Her coaching has helped me so much over the years especially while I was going through my awakening. It literally saved my sanity and helped me become at peace with my gifts and life. Her courses and her coaching were essential on my path of my spiritual development. I highly recommend her coaching and any of her courses, especially her intuitive development course!

Jessica A.

What a fantastic one-on-one coach and mentor Ashley is. I have trained with many different readers over the years and what I find unique about Ashley is her ability to fit the content of each session to the needs of the client at that moment. There is no cookie-cutter approach with Ashley. It is amazing to experience a working session with Ashley and her guides and my guides and me. I am so very grateful for the issues we have been able to uncover and tackle; not exactly what I expected, but exactly what I’ve needed. I don’t think I could have worked through all of this with any other coach. Thank you, Ashley, I am enjoying this awesome experience and learning so much!

Leslie B

Ashley, I can’t imagine my life without you. We have been working together weekly for several years now and I have gotten so much out of every single session with you. You’ve helped me grieve, grow, and get in touch with my intuition. You are kind and caring but you also tell me what I need to hear, not what I want to hear. I am beyond satisfied with our coaching calls and am truly grateful to have you in my life.

Marisa E.

Ashley is a powerful practitioner of her craft. She brought an incredible amount of energy and skill to our call, and her influence was palpable. She was able to connect with my main guide easily and helped me recognize my guide’s presence and communication as well. I had managed to see and hear my spirit team on my own a couple days before our call, so I was jazzed to hear her readily describe my most prominent guide in detail just as I’d seen her on my own. I’d encourage anyone with doubts or hesitancy about working with Ashley to take a leap of faith. Her ability is authentic and she has developed herself to the point of mastery. I have the gifts myself but it makes a big difference to work with someone who’s spent years honing herself. Not only that, but she’s passionate and serious about what she does.

Amber B.

As always, Ashley is amazing! I’m always so grateful for the insight I receive through her AND also from her. She’s been such an answered prayer for me and my family.

Autumn S.

***a few images changed to protect privacy of client.***

If you made it this far...

If you made it this far chances are you’re interested in working privately with me through one on one coaching. I know that feeling of fear mixed with excitement.

I too have invested in coaches over the years. 

I will tell you this, you have to do what feels good to you. There is a fine line between not moving forward out of fear and not moving forward because you’re genuinely unsure. 

Fear is ego and it’s pretty easy to identify! I want you to know you’re making the right decision when you invest in yourself and this coaching program.

I want it to scare you a bit honestly, it’s a big investment! However, it should be an exciting type of fear…one that is an energy of “what is coming next for me? What is this going to improve for me? How will my life look in 3 months? I am excited and nervous, and pumped, all at the same time.”

It should be a feeling of jumping off a beautiful cliff into the blue waters below! Exciting, exhilarating, and moving a bit out of comfort into the unknown!

Here is how to tell if fear is holding you back...

  1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

  2. Place your hand on your heart.

  3. Ask your higher self to step forward and your ego to step back (it’s okay if you can’t “see” them)

  4. Ask yourself what do I truly want and need right now? Do I need to make the leap, is it time for me to make these everlasting shifts in my life? Is this program right for me?

  5. Sit in stillness for a minute – just feel – just listen (don’t read on until you do this part!)

  6. A knowing that if you do this you will be better for it (even if it’s scary) is a yes. A gentle energy of love or sudden excitement is a yes. If you notice your body leaning FORWARD, this is a yes! If you get flooded with emotion even tears, it’s definitely a yes!

  7. If you get an uneasy feeling in your stomach and you feel sick and not from excitement, it likely isn’t time. If there is a knowing it’s not a right fit, then it’s not! 

I never want to push you to make a decision like this because honestly, I can only take you as far as you’re willing to go! I can’t do it for you but I can be a damn good guide, coach, and friend along the way. I’ll hold you accountable, push you, cry with you, and breakthrough with you. As I level-up you will too and babe, I’m always working on that! 

If after all of this you still aren’t sure, journal on it! Ask “Am I supposed to do this coaching package?” and then free write and see what you get! I’ll be here! 

Well, babe, I love you and I am proud of you for even making it this far! Cheers to you and your self-evolution! I am ready to take you to your next best level!

Love, Ashley Strong

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