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How Do You Use The Law Of Attraction?

How Do You Use The Law Of Attraction?

How do you use The Law Of Attraction and actually begin to manifest the things you desire? If you’ve seen The Secret or read the book, then you know that Law Of Attraction IS the law of the universe. In fact, most of us are manifesting daily though it’s not always what we want!

The reason we manifest so much of what we don’t want is that we unintentionally put a large amount of attention on it! Think about it, which are you more likely to say?

“The only thing that comes in the mail is junk and bills.”


“I love checking the mail and finding gifts and money.”

I know what you’re thinking

“but really there only is ever bills and junk!”

I get it, and I’ve been there. We used to receive the most random bills in the mail, and now I open my mail to find happy gifts and unexpected checks! It did take a lot of work and a shift in perspective on my end, but it didn’t take long! Once you learn the secrets to manifesting you really start to see mini miracles all around. For example a $12.00 check in the mail you didn’t expect to come to you! This type of thing happens in our home all the time!

Manifestation doesn’t have to be huge, but it CAN be!

In my latest video How To Use The Law Of Attraction inside The Spirited Life Membership I go into an in-depth explanation about the missing pieces to manifesting. Yes, I love The Secret and the whole “ask, believe, receive” theory, but I think it’s missing two key ingredients that really amp up the manifestation game! To find out what these two key ingredients are, be sure to catch the video!

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Seeing things manifest is the most magical feeling you will ever have! Knowing that you spent so much time and energy focusing on your goal and then seeing it manifest before your eyes is absolutely priceless!

Part of the way we begin to manifest is through the use of affirmations. This month’s membership theme is all about The Law Of Attraction, so I broke down WHY affirmations work and the science and proof behind them.

You can get access to that video as well when you sign up for The Spirited Life Membership!

The best way to make a believer out of yourself is to put all of these simple yet disciplined practices into action. I even created a Manifestation Workshop in The Spirited Life to go along with this month’s theme. This video is going to teach you how to call in your first manifestation!

In addition to the above videos this month, we also have a full-length spirited talk (think inspirational ted-talk type). It is all about The Law Of Attraction, how it shows up even when we don’t want it too, and how to use it to create a beautiful life!

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