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How Do Psychics Receive Information?

Today’s post comes from a reader question:

“I am new to spirituality and the concept of mediumship. It’s confusing to me but I really do want to understand. I believe that extraordinary human beings do have the capability of tapping into a more spiritual existence, but how? How do you receive the information or “vibrations?””

This is a great question and is one that is asked more often than you might think. In the beginning of my development, my answer might have been something like “I don’t know how I do it, I just do.”

Now that I’m a bit more seasoned, I can answer this question for folks with a bit more clarity and sincerity!

Getting to where I am today wasn’t necessarily a cakewalk.

It took dedication, research, action, mentoring, and a lot of practicing. I used to go to other mediums with questions similar to the one above. It used to be that I was the girl sitting behind her computer screen doing tons of research and not making much progress.

So many times I wanted to give up.

Throughout the years I have documented what has worked and what hasn’t. I keep a record of most of my interactions with spirit, though admittedly I don’t read through them enough. As time has gone on I have realized, however, that I can now answer the question above.

I can teach others how to do this without sending them down some spiritual rabbit-hole. It just so happens that my own journey with self and intuitive development turned me into the person I was searching for all those years ago.

Now I can more easily answer your questions about spirit, development, and all things psychic. While I can’t give away all of my secrets. (though you can get them in this course)  What I will tell you is how I receive information from spirit.

Here’s what it’s like…

Have you ever woke up because you felt someone staring at you? When you did this you didn’t have to see or hear them to know they were there. You knew they were there simply because you could feel them. No not them touching your skin or bumping the bed you felt their energy. It is very similar when sensing spirit.

Before calling in a spirit I have to be very aware and conscious of my surroundings. It is imperative that I am in touch with my own body and my body’s everyday sensations. I also have to limit outside distractions. It is then that I am able to decipher the presence of spirit from the air conditioner turning on.

A spirit standing around me feels very similar to a physical person sharing my space. Angels and higher energies feel a bit different, you can find out the difference here.

Once I have identified a spirit’s presence I will ask to hear from them. I then start to hear messages from spirit internally. The messages come in many forms and varieties! Sometimes the messages are long-winded and can be hard to keep up with while other times I may only hear one or two short words.

Often times the best way to identify a spirit to a client is through the mannerisms they are giving me and how they look.

They may talk with an accent, come off funny, or even stern. Spirit comes to me just as you would have remembered them! Both when I hear them and when they show themselves to me.

Which leads us into seeing spirit clairvoyantly. Yes, I see dead people, just not how you probably think that I do. I see them internally and they will often come to me either how my client can best identify them or how they thought they looked best.

Connecting with spirit is different for each individual person but there are similarities across the board. This is why I am able to help others along their developmental journey!

For example, someone who is mostly clairsentient and claircognizant will more than likely get a knowing and sense a presence before I do.

In turn, I might be able to give the appearance and mannerisms of the same spirit.

It’s all about how you are utilizing your strongest gifts. We all have a touch of all four clairs, it’s just a matter of which are the strongest.

Let’s talk about it

During her first session, a coaching client told me that she knew she was intuitive but she was frustrated with where she was at. She encountered experiences before but didn’t know how to connect at will (which is why she signed up for coaching). After a little more talking I realized that she was, in fact, intuitive but had been flexing the wrong muscles so to speak.

So I explained…

In the gym, if you want to get a bigger butt you’re going to do squats and glute exercises. If you want bigger biceps you’re going to workout your arms and lift some weights.


If you want some junk in your trunk, bicep curls aren’t going to do the trick! Sure, you’re still getting fit and healthy which is a great thing! How, though, can you expect to see significant booty building results if you’re working the wrong muscles? Same thing here!

If you’re clairaudient you should be focusing on that and then the rest of the clairs should and will follow suit.

If you’re frustrated with your development process you might be flexing the wrong muscles. I invite you to a one on one coaching call with me. During this call, we can assess your strongest gifts and get you on the right path to developing your underlying gifts!

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