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How Are Spirit Guides Assigned? 

Did you know that we have an entire team of “people” working for us behind the scenes? If you think about it, we are all basically A list celebs when we look at the crew of support that backs us. Of course, you would have to learn to tap into your clairvoyance to actually “see” them, but you know what I mean! We each have 1 – 10 spirit guides supporting us at all times, but how are spirit guides assigned to us?

Spirit guides are assigned to us based on the experiences we want and need to have when we come to this physical world.

You see the last time we were in spirit we made big plans for our stay here on Earth! We picked the lessons our soul wanted to learn and even met with a counsel to figure out what kind of life we would have. Soul contracts were written to connect us with our soulmates, twin flames, and even our spirit guides.

From birth until death, we have one primary spirit guide!

Our main spirit guide will be with us throughout every experience in this life, acting as our “right-hand man.” No matter what this guide will never abandon ship. As a spirit, we chose him or her for their capability to love and support us throughout life.

Seasonal Spirit Guides are assigned to us specifically for times when we will need them.

In addition to our leading spirit guide, we also have “seasonal guides” that come in for particular seasons and situations in our lives. They will help us through financial struggles, addiction, sadness, and even relationships.  Just like all spirit guides we must call on them and ask for their help, and as soon as we invite them in our they will be eagerly on the way!

It doesn’t matter if your guide is seasonal or long term you were assigned that spirit guide based on the knowledge and understanding they have about your experiences. We have free will down here, but up there they know the plan. Trust that no matter the situation you are in, there is someone in spirit willing and eager to help you!

I love connecting with my spirit guides! My most recent connection was during pregnancy with my daughter. A new spirit guide came in and even gave me a name which I looked up, and it connected directly to fertility! How cool is that?

You can learn to connect with your spirit guide too! It’s easy to do, and you will get tons of validation and feel love and support like never before!

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