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How Alcohol Affects Our Intuitive Awareness. Alcohol And Psychic Abilities.

Does alcohol affect intuitive abilities? Can alcohol hinder your psychic connection?

The short answers are yes!

For centuries people have used substances such as alcohol to help them drown out the noise and numb what they are feeling. This is, of course, true for our everyday lives but it is also true when it comes to drowning out our intuitive gifts. Alcohol seems to be the go-to for shutting out spiritual symptoms and happenings.

Either way substances, even in moderation, such as drugs, alcohol, stimulants, cigarettes, etc are all ways to self-medicate and self-calm.

Many empaths and mediums find that at some point they have turned to such substances to help them “calm the voices” so to say. I can admit that multiple times in my life I have tried different things to help me feel normal. Whether they were legal, illegal, or alcohol none of them worked after the effects wore off and if anything they made things worse.

Here is how alcohol tends to work with most mediums/intuitives

  1. 1 glass of wine you’re relaxed, feeling good, and your guard is down. You may start to pick up on spirit a little bit easier now.

  2. Drink number 2 – The feeling of spirit is starting to go away and you can just enjoy the company you’re in and the way you’re feeling.

  3. Drink 3 still feeling good.

  4. Then, somewhere between drinks 4-6 (obviously depending on your tolerance), the gates can flood open again. You start feeling everyone’s emotions (including spirit’s and the ones you suppressed).

  5. You start feeling spirit around you and you just want to go to sleep. Oh and if you’re clairvoyant when you close your eyes… the visions are back to back.

Be extra careful if you’re in a crowded place too…often times the energy can become overwhelming once you’ve opened the spiritual floodgates.

That is a night of drinking and obviously, the effects vary from person to person.

When you start to work with your intuitive gifts and you raise your vibration, you may find that drinking actually becomes more difficult. Literally, it physically becomes more difficult.

  1. You may find that it just doesn’t appeal to you as much anymore.

  2. If you used to be able to have 2 glasses of wine and wake up feeling fine things may change. You may now wake up with headaches, feel lethargic, or even depressed.

  3. When you start drinking you may get a headache or just feel out of it before you even finish your first drink.

  4. Your tolerance tends to plummet.

  5. You feel foggy for the next few days even after just a drink or two.

Why do these things happen? Because you have worked to raise your vibration! When you put a substance that lowers your vibration into your physical body you start to feel the effects. It’s kind of like a tug o’ war with your vibrational frequency. You’re up, the alcohol pulls ya down, and subconsciously or energetically you’re trying to pull yourself back up.

It’s all a part of the gig my friend. This doesn’t mean you can never drink again; this just means you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to feel the effects? Sometimes I will still have a glass of wine or two on a special occasion but never within 24 hours of a reading or any type of spiritual work. I also have a personal rule of no more than two drinks if I’ve been doing a ton of spiritual work within 24 hours because it leaves me exceptionally open.

Drinking can make you more open (though I do not recommend practicing in this state as you’re foggier than you think and you’re boundaries are likely down). Drinking can also make it incredibly difficult to connect for days after and lower your vibration significantly.

Remember your raised vibration has put you in closer alignment with your true and authentic self. When we put substances that are less than loving in our bodies our soul can feel this – thus the lowered vibe and negative feelings.

I hope this helps answer your questions about psychic abilities and alcohol!

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