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We forgive other people for ourselves first and for them second.

Holding grudges holds us back.

Hating others has its repercussions, it makes us hate aspects of ourselves. It tears us away from the divinity within us.

Not forgiving people means that we never disconnect from them. It means we are still energetically attached to their energy.

We forgive others as a gift to ourselves. We forgive ourselves in order to heal.

Don’t get stuck in the cycle of hating another or of attacking another with your thoughts or words. What will that do?

Lead by example. Lead by love.

You can talk until you are blue in the face but that doesn’t mean anything you say will be heard. People only hear what they want to…what they are ready to absorb.

We can let our actions speak for us.

We can live our lives lovingly and peacefully and those around us will feel it…they will see it.

We don’t teach by preaching, we teach by example. Our vibration gives more information than our words ever will.

Let them see you in action – living for you, living lovingly, living peacefully. Then maybe, just maybe you will be the reason that things start to shift.

You can plant seeds for people but you can’t tend their garden. What they want to flourish will.

Whatever the case is, whatever you’re growing through, whatever is going on around you, you will get through it. It starts with love and it starts with forgiveness.

Be the change you wish to see.

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