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Finding Your Soul Family

My bestfriend and I are so different, yet we are the same; it’s kind of weird actually. She calls me her soul mate and I used to think “how cute, she really loves me!” but years later I am starting to think that might actually be true. I am not a part of her soul but a part of her soul family. When I first met Cecilia it was not love at first sight, you see, we shared a mutual bestfriend and at 16 that is grounds for an immediate rivalry. While we didn’t get off on the best foot but we did tolerate each other.

Then something changed, I’m still not sure what it was but we just started becoming friends. Somehow, some way, out of nowhere, she became my bestfriend. We have always lived about an hour from each other so we have never been the type to hang out every day; in fact it’s rare that I see her. The only family members I have met are her sisters, however I was put on their family cellphone plan at one point so she could talk to me for free (I guess we were using too many minutes lol). Cecilia was the second person I told that I was a medium. She knew about my experiences with my grandmother and about a few small things, but I never came right out and said it until….I HAD too.

Why would you HAVE to tell her?

I had to tell Cecelia about my gifts because her grandmother had come to me the night before she passed away so that I could deliver a message to Cecelia and her family.

I had never met her grandmother, nor did I know the names of the people she wanted me to get the message too. Cecelia wasn’t answering her phone the day after I had the visitation and it was really starting to worry me. When I finally talked to her she said “I’m sorry but my grandmother passed away.” I think I said something like “I already know” and there was dead silence on the other end of the phone. I told her I had a dream the night before and I explained it to her play by play.

  1.  I explained what the grandmother looked like

  2.  I described her demeanor and characteristics

  3.  I delivered the message

TEARS…tears coming from both of us.

I was still new to all of this and I didn’t really know how to explain it but I knew it meant something special. I was meant to find my bestfriend because I was somehow a part of her family (on a soul level).

Since then her grandmother has come to me numerous times; sometimes with a message and sometimes just to smile. Every time she is near I get a sense of calm, a sense of vibrance, and an overwhelming amount of love.

We are ALL connected in some way, on some plane of existence. We may not know why or how but eventually things all tie together. I am so thankful for Cecelia and her grandmother for helping me discover who I am and what I am capable of. I’m thankful for that little push her grandmother gave me and all the little pushes Cecilia gives me throughout my life.

If you have a bestfriend who feels like family chances are…they ARE!

As sisterlike as we are and as different as we may be, I love you. This article is dedicated to my one and only biff.

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