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Exercise For Connecting With Spirit Guides | Spirit Guides Help With Psychic Gifts

Exercise For Connecting With Spirit Guides | Spirit Guides Help With Psychic Gifts

Did you know that your spirit guides can actually help you to develop your own intuition? They can provide you with very specific, tailored to you, exercises. This guidance will help you to connect with them deeper, manifest what you desire, and guide you towards your highest calling. Recently on a coaching call, I was channeling a message for a client but never expected what came next! 

My client has dealt with quite a few hardships from health to home matters and has been working to heal all areas for quite some time. We did a type of question and answer session with her spirit team to find the root of what has been going on. She asked her spirit guides questions and I channeled right back to her exactly what their guidance was. 

“How do I Manifest? How do I heal and how do I go deeper within? What would you have me do? I feel so stuck.”

Immediately, her team responded with a brand new exercise for manifesting and healing and connecting with your spirit guides and team all in one! 

Your Treasured Chest Exercise: Manifest With Your Spirit Guides Exercise  

  1. Get into a meditative state. 

  2. Get grounded, clear your energy, call in the light. 

  3. Take a few belly breaths and really relax. 

  4. While focusing on your heart chakra, visualize a padlock shaped like a heart.

  5. Visualize a chest or a box directly at the heart center. 

  6. Breathe. 

  7. Ask your guides for the key to this chest (Hint: the key is you. Your feelings of worthiness and willingness to accept what you desire.)

  8. Visualize opening the box with the key.

  9. Once the box is open, place all of your hopes, dreams, desires, and desired feelings into the box. 

  10. Shut the box, lock it (with your key), and visualize handing it over to your spirit team. 

A breakdown of this manifestation exercise and why it works: 

Any type of visualization exercise is going to strengthen your clairvoyance, call in the feelings of having what you want, and build your bond with the universe. 

It is through visualization and feeling that we begin to manifest. Feelings are how we speak to the universe because she speaks in energetic frequency! The visualization makes it real for you! Your mind can not tell the difference between what you’re physically or internally seeing! 

You can have anything you want, but you’ve got to ask! Your spirit team can help you manifest! 

Sometimes we feel that we’ve asked for too much and that we shouldn’t ask for more. The universe is not your parent; she is not going to scold you for asking for “too much.” Ask for what you want, then believe you are worthy enough to have it. If you don’t believe you’re worthy, you won’t be given the key to lock or unlock the box! So… if the key appears to you, then you know you’re ready. If it won’t show up, then you get to do some mindset work! 

The box is a safe and sacred place that only you, the universe, and your spirit team have access to. By placing your heart’s truest desires in there, they are kept safe and you can hand them over to spirit to manifest for you! 

There is a delicate dance between calling in and letting go. You can call it surrender, leaning back, or letting go of control. My point is, we get to co-create our lives with the universe, but we have to let spirit do its job without getting in our own way. 

This exercise tells you to put your desires in a safe box so that you can shut it, lock it, and let it go, knowing without a doubt the universe will keep it safe! 

Connecting a visualization with feeling and energy is how we co-create our lives with the universe. 

Use this exercise daily to simultaneously work with your team, strengthen your clairvoyance, harness your clairsentience, and manifest – all in one sitting! 

Isn’t it amazing the things that come through within a small channeling session? Your guides could give you very specific exercises to help you too! Work with me privately to see what guidance your spirit team has for you! 

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