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Energy Reading For 2020 | 2020 Energy Report

Today I am releasing a special post! A channeled message for the energies of 2020 and what you can expect! 

Channeled Message About New Year 2020 – Energy Report 

There is a major change coming in 2020 regarding the energy on the planet. There has been an upheaval and a shift in the past few month’s particularly October-December of 2019. 

You all are crossing the bridge into new gateways of being and we are excited to announce that many more than expected are beginning to feel this shift as it happens. Exciting times lie ahead! 

In 2020 you will experience a full-body frequency change as the cells in your body start to adapt to the new energies on your planet. Drinking more water and eating more whole foods will be most beneficial for you at this time. 

Now we want to tell you what to prepare for….prepare to let go! 

Let go of what you think that you need and let go of what you had planned because many of these things won’t matter as you all shift into levels of higher consciousness. It will be easier to let go of what does not serve you and it will be easier to revert back to what does. 

At this time many will stop fighting against the grain and you will feel the consciousness-raising of the energy on your planet. Many of you will start to adventure more and explore and let go of the idea that you must be someone or something specific.

You will see the children rise up! The glowing starseeds and indigos that have been sent to your planet will start talking of us more often. They will speak of their past lives and their mission on your planet. At this time they are shining through the darkness.

 2019 was a slow year energetically. It was a slow year financially. 2019, It was meant to give you time to get clear on your purpose, to shed those layers, and deal with emotional wounds of the past.

 Many of you felt this as a rise in mental health awareness and mental health vitality and training. We are here to tell you now if you felt it and didn’t work through it it will essentially be done for you in the coming months, so please prepare to let go. Let go, let go!

The more resistance you hold to your shedding the harder on your current physical reality it will be, so embrace the change and the letting go and the new endeavors and appreciate what is coming! 

The planet as a whole has been blessed and is shifting and those of you working to manifest will see even more and it will be even easier and more beautiful.

In this time those of you who resist will see that you must embrace change and embark on this new path as we step forward your way. 2020 will be the start of something glorious over the next decade it will be magical and blissfull but there will be darkness for those in power who choose not to embrace their light or those communities who are resisting such change. Better to flow with what is and embrace the change.

We love you and this planet and send our unconditional loving light forward to you now. Thank you for taking your time to read and embark!

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