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Energy Reading 2021 | What You Need To Know About 2021

January 2021 Energy Reading 

What You Need To Know About 2021

Every year, I do an energy reading for the coming/current year. The following energy reading was channeled on January 5th, 2021. The messages are channeled via automatic writing when I call in “The Collective.” This is a team comprised of the highest energies: guides, angels, archangels, etc. The following messages are from them anything in italic or () is my interpretation in addition to the messages channeled. Bacically it just means what I was picking up on the outside of the automatic writing to help us all better understand.

Enjoy the Energy Reading for 2021!

As you enter your year of 2021, there are some things you need to know, some things we have collected and waited to tell you until this time. 

At this time, we would like you to know that all you have been through over the past year was not for unknown reasons. All you have been through and gone through was not in vain. What we mean to say is you were given these chances as opportunities to learn and grow and change as a human race.

Many of you have leveled up, so to say, in vibration, many of you have climbed the vibrational ladder to the next era or dimension or however you would like to say it. There have been upgrades in DNA. There has been restructuring of civilizations, and there has been a mass exodus of souls from your planet that no longer fit and were a vibrational match for the new energy.

Those souls look at you… they are here to support you, and many are assisting in Earth’s transition at this time. So, fear not, your loved ones are near and left with a divine purpose in their souls being. 

Your soul and their souls have been called during this time of great awakening. You all had a part to play and a job to do, universally speaking. As we mentioned in years past, you were prepped and primed for this time – this exciting – exciting time in Earth’s history! We are pleased to say many of you have recently, with the new year, graduated to a new plane of being. 

You may experience many subtle shifts like eating better naturally, nurturing your body, feeling more called to connect with your divine – your higher power – however, you see fit.

It may be dancing, creating, it may be art, it may be gardening, it may be channeling, and meditation and praying. However, you feel called is just right and is exactly what you should do for over the last year, we have taught you what it means to relax and flow and to be in flow with the energies all around you.

We taught you how everything is not a battle, instead, it is a flow, instead, it is not resisting, but allowing energy to transmute and transform and come out; however, it needed to. Sometimes that was not how you would expect and felt painful. (Purging and releasing isn’t always pretty but necessary). 

And so with that, your year at large will be easier for you if you choose to see the highest perspective. 

There will be much more – and we do not want to scare you – there will be a small war (feeling this as the people against people in some way, not like an actual “war”), there will be an event like a flood, there will be many detrimental things to the society of Earth as you know it but there will ultimately be community. 

There will be coming togetherness and your differences will no longer be a thing as you bond and band together in cultures and in humanity to fight for what is yours and what you know and believe – for your world has the capability to return to the ultimate paradise if you band together and see your humans – all humans as your brothers and sisters. There should be no picking and choosing. 

Remember to see this planet as your mother. So while we tell you from a lower level or more earthly perspective, your world may seem to continue to crumble, it is unity that will elevate and lift your world.

For the children of the world, we say this; their time is coming. No need to worry about them; just nurture and love them as you never have before. Show them grace, listen to them and their ideas. 

They have the words to change the world. They see with simplicity, and they were here – placed here at this time for a very strong reason.

They are your way out in the sense that they have the answers! Protect them and love them and nurture them fully as they evolve into the highest vibrational beings your planet has seen since the last big shift (Atlantis). 

Here we tell you this, what you need to know in this year, over this time, is that there will be battles to overcome. The things you learned last year in patience and practice and releasing and surrendering – those were the lessons! Now, you must implement them as you remain calm and collected and rise above what is being put in front of you!

As you change your frequency and continue to expand and facilitate the new Earth, you’re guided towards health, wealth, and prosperity through body, mind, and soul syncing together!

As the Earth elevates to new levels and waves of consciousness evolution is coming, all is rising!

Consciousness and love – peace and tranquility these are the themes to hold for 2021. 

You will be able to travel again. You are not to follow the crowd or the “sheep” – be your own and listen to your intuition and values above all else.

This year, do what feels right. Now what you are told is to rise up to more love, more understanding for another, more unity, more self-discipline from self-destruction. 

Channel your inner guides – your inner voice, and you will, you WILL survive. You will THRIVE through this season if you hold up your brothers and sisters next to you. Be a kind neighbor and loving friend and helping hand, and you will surely be provided for. 

Tap into your true nature and the essence of your soul. You came here to be a light, so be a light and light the way for others.

The challenge this year will be darkness – the solution is the light.

We leave you with this, Dears Ones: 

Our message is to serve, to lift, to not push against the rising vibrations for this is when your body will ultimately become uncomfortable. To lift your vibrations, be in unity, be peaceful, be the grace, be loving, eat the healthy plant-based foods, give thanks to all the land. She provides you with so much. Use water as a vibrational thing to charge the body (I was seeing this as see the water going in your body as energy to charge and light you up and bring vibrance to the body) and do not rob nutrients from the body by the things you put into your physical being.  

Nurture yourself, do your work, sit with what comes to you. In other words, this year, as you chose to rise in vibration, then you chose to combat the disease the world and the body can accumulate. Rise in vibration and rise above as you do; you will take all of humanity with you! 

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