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Elevate Through Illumination! FREE 3 Day Training!

Elevate Through Illumination! FREE 3 Day Training!

How are you doing? How is life going in 2020? Life can still be such a struggle sometimes, especially when you’re empathic and intuitive and it’s completely out of control. I’ve been so overwhelmed as an empath, that it sent me into a seriously deep depression that took years to climb out of.

Want to know how I finally did it? I got really effing real with myself about my own stories, my own shadows, and shined a light on all of it.​

What I was actually doing (though I didn’t know it at the time) was illuminating my truths, my authenticity, and giving myself permission to just be who I was and, now, who I am.

A huge problem in my life was that I was intuitive and incredibly empathic and had no idea.

  1. I would get anxious and moody for no reason.

  2. I would cry and get incredibly depressed and saw no way out.

  3. I honestly thought that I would be stuck in that cycle my entire life!

  4. I felt things other people didn’t and convinced myself I was crazy!

  5. As a teenager, I developed OCD around bedtime just trying to control my environment to prevent as many nightmares as I could.

  6. As an adult, I developed health anxiety as a way of trying to control my life and environment.

None of this was fun and none of it was pretty and it all stemmed from the same thing: unmanaged and out of control intuition and intuitive abilities.

You see, the nightmares and feelings of being watched were because I had no boundaries set and my energy was basically a free for all. The anxiety and depression stemmed from feeling other people’s energy and spirit’s energy all the time and having no way to discern it.​

So many people, especially right now, are experiencing symptoms of their own intuition and empathic gifts masked as anxiety and depression. ​

In 3 days, I am going to show you how to illuminate your pain points to allow your intuition to pull you out of the darkness!

This training is totally free, just join me live in my PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP November 18-20 at 11:30 AM EST.

Together, we get to take our power back and elevate through illumination!

  1. Day 1: Depression and your mindset, are they symptoms of your intuition?

  2. Day 2: Stop fearing the unknown and step into trust!

  3. Day 3: Tapping into infinite possibilities! ​

See you there!!

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