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Do You Have To Believe In God To Go To Heaven?

Growing up I believed in God but I was never a fan of organized religion. Around 4-years-old I started to question the church, the bible, and why “our God” and “our way” was right and everyone else’s was wrong. It just never felt right to me to condemn another for not believing in the same things.

If God was love then why were they telling me that “he” was someone to fear? Why would they say “he” hated certain groups of people?

Now that I am older and I have done my own research, I realize that God or Source energy does not hate anyone. God-Source is pure and unconditional love. We are the ones that connected fear to “his” name for our own power and control.

Growing up I remember my grandfather going to church with us maybe twice. Much like me, he was very very reluctant about it. My grandfather was a brilliant man, so scientific, and so knowledgeable. He just didn’t believe in a higher power.

Gramps never broadcasted his views but if I brought it up we would have very intellectual conversations about the subject. I loved those conversations and I felt so knowledgeable on the topic even at 10 years old. It was easy for me to understand his point of view while still holding my own beliefs about a higher power. This was a clear sign that I was a medium from a young age, how else would I just “know” these things and retain such knowledge without prior research?

My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer the same week that I got engaged. Talk about two major life events at once right? I made him promise that he wouldn’t go ANYWHERE until he walked me down the aisle. I told him that even if that meant having a wedding in his backyard that is what I was going to do. He complied. 🙂

I made him promise that he wouldn’t go ANYWHERE until he walked me down the aisle. I told him that even if that meant having a wedding in his backyard that is what I was going to do. He complied. 🙂

7 months later I had the wedding of my dreams! Not only did grandpa walk me down the aisle but he danced with me as well. On the dance floor, I looked at him and said…

“Gramps I don’t know why I know this but Grandma is here right now. She’s watching this.”

And he replied “I know. I feel it too.”

That was the first time my grandpa EVER admitted that maybe there was “another side”.

My grandfather passed 7 months later surrounded by his family. At the time of his passing, I was 7 months pregnant and should have been an emotional wreck… only I wasn’t. I felt so calm, at peace, and almost numb.

I walked into another room as I heard chaos ensue amongst my family members. Back then I wasn’t sure how I knew or what made me say it but I walked out and told my family in the calmest voice I had

“He is still here, he can see all of this. He is still here guys.”

Everyone looked at me as if I was crazy but I could still feel him in the house. I think my aunt was the only one who believed me. As if I hadn’t had enough in your face “you’re a medium” signs in my life here was another big one.

I knew he was ready to let go and though I knew I was going t miss him, I understood that it was his time. My biggest issue was that he didn’t get to meet my son. He was so excited for me and so proud.

Before he passed I said, “I don’t know what you will be doing over there but even if you’re busy I need to know you’re around when it’s time to have the baby.” Again he complied.

My son was born on his birthday.

When my mom was pregnant with me he had her out walking in the snow, trying to get her to give birth on his birthday. I find it no coincidence that my son was born on that day instead. I guess we saved the best for last?

I laugh now when I envision what he would have said a few years ago about the work that I’m doing now. A total scientific, logical, mathematical thinker with a psychic for a granddaughter. It’s comical right?

He may have been a skeptic back then but he isn’t anymore. In fact, he was one of the main spirits that helped me to become comfortable with my gifts. This is actually a pretty common thing!

So often during readings, people will say, “I doubt my dad will come through, he didn’t believe in this stuff.” It doesn’t matter if your loved one did or not believe. They’ve now experienced the other side first hand!

Often times our gifts bust wide open after a traumatic life event and our loved ones in spirit are there to support us. When I was developing I kept hearing my grandfather speaking to me. At first, I thought it was wishful thinking. Now I know it was just him helping me to get comfortable working with spirit!

I like to think of it this way if your friend takes you to a party and you know absolutely no one you will stick by their side until you get comfortable. Eventually, they are going to introduce you to someone else and walk away to grab a snack. That person then introduces you to someone else. The next thing you know, you’re mingling in the party with no worries about where you’re friend is because you now feel safe and comfortable.

Loved ones in spirit can help us get comfortable in the exact same way! If you think you hear, feel, or see your loved-one don’t dismiss it! They are trying to visit you and they are trying to get your attention!

This article is dedicated to the man who raised me, taught me to change my oil, who lectured me, and pushed me to be the person I am today. Thank you for everything Gramps and Happy Birthday!

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