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“Do I Have A Spirit Guide?” | How Do I Know If I Have A Spirit Guide?

You don’t have to be “intuitive” to talk to your spirit guides!

Today’s post comes from a reader question. A asks –

“How do I know that I have a spirit guide or a spirit team? I’m not really that intuitive so does that mean I don’t have the ability to hear from them? All of this is new to me and I’m trying to understand. Your help is much appreciated”

Hi, A!

Thank you for writing in and bringing up such an important topic! This question gets asked more often than you might think and in almost every group reading that I host.

To start, yes you have a spirit guide, in fact, you have a few of them! We all also have a team of spirits that support and guide us each and every day. Our team is made up of guides, loved-ones, ancestors, angels, archangels, ascended masters, and the list goes on.

Here is the thing about your spirit team – guides and angels in particular. You do not have to be a highly intuitive person to connect with them. You don’t have to be religious, meditate, or have a ceremony to connect with them. You do not have to be a saint to ask angels or your spirit guides to assist you.

Your guides, your angels, and the rest of your team is waiting eagerly to help you. They want you to ask for help, they want you to ask for guidance, and they want your permission to step in!

Giving Permission

Your guides and angels want to help you but first, they need your permission. You see, your guides do not want to scare you! So most times, they will sit back quietly waiting for you to invite them in. Then they JUMP at the chance to assist.

Angels are quick to help but you have to tell them you want them to intervene. When I am calling on my angels for assistance I usually say something like this…

“Dear angels I need your help…I don’t know what to do or how to do it but I trust that you do. Please intervene…seriously intervene because I don’t have a clue what to do. Jump onnnn in Y’all…anytime….anytime….”

It doesn’t have to be formal and in fact, it shouldn’t be! Talk to your spirit team like they are your friends – your family because…they are!

All of that being said, of course, there are instances of divine intervention where spirit will assist without our asking but this is generally in case of emergency.

We are all spirits simply having a human experience. This means that before we came here we made contracts and contacts with other spirits asking for their help and guidance when we got to Earth.

We have lessons to learn and scenarios we must experiences while we are here. It sounds strange, but we picked them before we came. The catch is, we aren’t supposed to remember our “plan” as that would take away from the whole learning experience. Our guides and spirit team, however, know exactly why we are here and their whole purpose is to help guide us along the way.

Every living being on this planet has a support system and a team in spirit. Yes, even the worst of us – though their guide might look like this….

So for the “non-intuitive” (if there is such a thing) go ahead and start talking to your guides and your spirit team. Address them individually or as a whole; I do both! Ask for their help, invite them in!

Wondering how you can tell the difference or know they’re around? The articles below will help you!

With love, Ashley

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