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Disagreeing With Spirit Messages!

What is it like to be a medium? Interesting, to say the least, and it comes with a lot of responsibility too!

Not only do I have to make sure my personal feelings and advice don't get in the way of spirit's messages, but I am also not allowed to filter! I have to say things the way they say them, or they won't give me any messages until I do. Trust me; I've tried!

When I am channeling, sometimes I see or feel something that doesn't make sense to me.

I used to try skipping past these weird or uncomfortable messages until I realized I am just the translator, and my job is to deliver the messages whether they make sense to me or not.

So, I started delivering those messages exactly as they came through. My clients resonate with the messages almost every single time, or they write me later to tell me it clicked in!

Being a medium kind of rocks!

What do mediums do? I get to help people heal, we go deep into their inner child and spirit, and the feeling of the transformation and healing that comes through is just unexplainable.

Sometimes, however, being a medium is heavy!

Sometimes I feel differently or have conflicting advice for my client than spirit delivers. Sometimes I agree my clients should be mad, angry, or resentful, and I, as a human, find it hard not to see the way they do.

I've been asked a few times, "what do you do if you disagree with the messages spirit gives you? What do you do if you are uncomfortable or think it's not a good fit?"

Interesting to think about, right? Find out in this episode how I handle it and my advice for other practicing intuitive!


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