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Dealing With Judgement

Ahhhhh judgement….it’s like that unwelcome relative who just keeps popping back up no matter how many times you tell him to go home. We may be able to recognize our own judgments against others and when we do and we can stop them and that is GREAT! The fact is however that whether it’s a good or bad judgment, we are constantly judging someone or something!

When I started this journey to a better me, judgment was one of the biggest things I had to work on. I’m a girl and ladies…we know how we can be….quick to judge someone on appearances. What happens when two girls finally get to know each other? Often times they end up saying “oh wow I thought you were such a bit*h, but you’re totally awesome and I love you” (this tends to happen after a few drinks in my experience). Why is that? Why do humans feel the need to place labels and categories on someone without actually knowing the real them? Why don’t we take the time to get to know people as a soul rather than what we perceive them to be? This isn’t the answer to all cases but from my experience, it’s lack, fear, or insecurities we hold within ourselves that cause us to project judgment on others.

It is because of the fear of judgment that many people like myself are afraid to “come out of the spiritual closet.” Let’s face it this isn’t exactly your average day-job and while I do think it is becoming more and more accepted it’s still not “the norm” and people are afraid of what they don’t understand. I mean, I was even afraid of this gift at one point…simply because I didn’t understand. Now that I have seen that there is so so sooooooooo much love on the other side, I just want to share it with everyone!

I am slowly coming out of the closet. I give readings, I wear crystals, I go to meditations, this weekend I put up a flyer for this website, and I’ve even told a few friends about my gift. Most of my friend’s who don’t know exactly what I do just call me a hippy and I’m okay with that because I am obsessed with nature and spreading peace and love! The friend’s that do know, however, were so much more supportive than I could have ever imagined…although my husband did say “there isn’t a book that tells you what to do when your wife talks to dead people”…(he had a point) but he has become so much more supportive in the past few months and it has really given me that PUSH that I needed to get out there! So like Sarah Petruno said in her recent article, I just need to give people the chance to support me! Click here to visit Sarah Petruno Shamanism.

I was given an amazing gift and I am not ashamed of it…so I am inching my way out more and more each day!

Light, Love, and Spirit.


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