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Connecting a Mother to Her Deceased Son

I have this amazing friend who has really been spreading the word about me lately. I am serious y’all she has been sending me so many reading requests, I have almost had trouble keeping up; it’s been great! I really love connecting people to spirit, it’s a chance for them to speak to their loved ones and gain some clarity. The reading I am posting about today is actually why I think my non-believing husband has really started to support what I do!

A while ago I wrote about my friend “Kami’s” reading  in this reading a friend of her’s came through, let’s call him “Brian.” This was a guy she had known for a very long time and when I brought him up all she could say was “wow.” A week or two after her reading I had a new client, come to find out it was Brian’s mother. I am going to be 100% real with ya, I had never been more nervous to do a reading. I mean, this was a HUGE deal…connecting a mother to her deceased son…talk about pressure!

When I started the session I first connected with her guides and then with Brian. One of the first things he said to me was “you have no reason to be nervous! I already connected with you, why would you think I wouldn’t come back?”

I told him I didn’t know why I was so nervous but this was just a HUGE deal for me and for his mother. I’ve never had a spirit have to calm ME down but he did, I felt like I was talking to an old friend.

When I spoke with his mother on the phone I could feel that all she wanted to talk about was him so I told her what he had to say to her. He mentioned that she had to let go of the guilt none of this was her fault, he told her she needed to start dancing again (she started crying and said that yes she used to be a big dancer!), he told her how much he loved her.

This is where it gets real…I was crying, she was crying, it was single-handedly THE MOST EMOTIONAL reading I have ever done.

She asked if he suffered when he was shot. Brian said no, he did feel pain but it wasn’t long. What he showed me next even I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

Brian showed me his body laying on the floor and his spirit kind of getting up out of it. He told me he hung around for a while but he wasn’t upset and he knew that this was coming. He knew he was meant to live a short life because his job was to guide his loved ones from the other side.

Next, he kept showing me a dog; I kind of dismissed it at first but I finally I asked his mother if he had one. She confirmed that he had a dog and wanted to know what was up with it because she had been acting strange. I was very hesitant to even ask her about what came next because it was truly heartbreaking.

He’s showing me that the dog was with him when he passed like in the room and saw the whole thing. He’s showing me that she still sees him on occasion and shes very confused. She walks around every day wondering why it wasn’t her and why it had to be him.”

She responded “Yes, she was in his lap”

We were both crying over the phone. Even now, I tear up thinking about it.

I received two or three texts in the following days from his mother thanking me for connecting them and for helping her gain a little peace and clarity. In reality I was the one who was grateful to have connected those two.

Readings can be very healing and we can gain guidance and insight we never even thought about. When I say “we,” I mean me and the person I am reading. Often times a message comes across for me and the person on the phone, it’s crazy how it works but it just proves to me we are all connected.

Love, Light, and Spirit.

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