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Clarity on CLARYTI. Clean The Clean Way!

Clarity on CLARYTI. Clean The Clean Way!

If you’re on this site, chances are you love living a high vibe lifestyle! After all, this is a conscious lifestyle blog, right? You may not know this, but when I was starting to awaken, I was drawn to all things holistic. This included using food as medicine, making tinctures, and all-natural cleaning products. I was getting clear in many ways and gaining clarity in many others. To be frank, I was cleaning up my act all the way around.

If you’re anything like me, then awakening might have pushed you to live a more conscious and clean lifestyle as well. From the food that you eat to the cleaning products you use!

The problem with my homemade cleaning products was that they never really smelled that great. Most of them were vinegar-based and even though I added essential oils, that pickle smell was always hanging in the background!

My friend Nixie Marie, the host of Nu Earth podcast, has started a line of all-natural cleaning products known as CLARYTI clean!

Recently, she sent me a package to review, and it was more than I could have ever expected! First of all…most sample kits are like tiny test tubes for you to sample once or twice. Nixie sent me the most adorable and completely recyclable cleaning kit!

A little about CLARYTI from founders Nixie Marie and Cameron Peebles!

“When we created CLARYTI, we did it with the planet in mind. We carefully sourced ALL, and we mean ALL of our ingredients, labels, and packaging. We chose companies that align with our core values and bring us and the Earth good vibes.

Let’s first break down our ingredients, because that’s what matters most.

We only use natural and organic compounds to create a powerful yet safe cleaner for you and your home. We only use organic essential oils to bring your home effervescent scents that might attract your neighbors (you’ve been warned).

We prefer glass to plastic because well, we love the ocean and we want to keep sailing for the rest of our time here and also make sure our children, grandchildren, grandchildren’s children, grandchildren’s children’s children… you get the point.. have an ocean they can swim in too.

We also like wood, bamboo, hemp, and metal… anything that can easily be recycled or reusable.

We also ship our products in concentrates to reduce our shipping weight to help offset carbon emissions… which is a HUGE issue here on planet earth.”

Y’all this stuff smells Ah-mazinggggg! I’m not even kidding. It’s my favorite surface cleaner right now!


  1. Obviously, the smell is the first thing I noticed besides the packaging…I literally can not get over the packaging!

  2. I also love that it’s all-natural and handmade!

  3. The entire mission of this cleaning product is to be clean all the way around! From our homes to our Earth…so what’s not to love?

  4. It’s safe! I think most of us are trying to rid our homes of as many chemicals as we can, right?

  5. It’s concentrated so you get multiple bottles from one purchase!

  6. CLARYTI is refreshing and uplifting…did I mention the smell yet?

  7. It’s a great product! I use it on countertops, to whip sticky messes made from little hands and clean things like my microwave and stove. But, it can be used however you like!

  8. It brings an elevated vibration immediately! It almost feels like you cleansed your home spiritually. That is because love and intention go into making each product!

One thing to note!

Since I have been using a homemade all-purpose cleaner for so many years I tend to lean on one product to do most of my jobs (which CLARYTI does). The one thing I will note is that to get a really effective clean on say a bathtub you’re going to want to blend this with Bon Ami or something of the sort.

My honest product review is that this is an amazing product made by amazing individuals with a heart-centered purpose. Nixie has had her own cleaning and feng shui business for years so she really knows her stuff. This is the product her employees used for their cleaning services!

10 out of 10 would recommend CLARYTI Clean to a friend and to you guys (hey, we are internet friends right?). If you’re interested in natural and sustainable cleaning products, please use code LOVEANDLIGHT for 15% off your first purchase!

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