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Clairaudience, Empathic Gifts, and Manifesting!

Clairaudience, Empathic Gifts, and Manifesting!

This week in my Facebook live I did a question and answer session from reader and viewer questions! I talked about how to manage and collect your energy when it is too finely dispersed. I also talked about clairaudience and how that manifests via ringing in the ears.

We talked about feeling tingles and vibrations in the body, which is the gift of clairsentience! Then my favorite topic, manifesting!

I gave an entire lesson on manifesting, how long it takes, and how to actually make the Law of Attraction work for you!

If you’re still on the fence and you’re not ready to make such a big investment in yourself (though a life-changing one), I get it! I have mini-courses that will help you lay the foundation and get started!

Chakras 101

Understand Your Awakening!

Crystal Healing For Beginners!

Mini-Course Bundle!

Be sure to join me LIVE every Wednesday at 2:30 PM EST on Facebook! If you want to connect more frequently join us in my Facebook group!

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