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Charging For Intuitive Services – Why We Do It

Equal energy exchange is a big topic in the intuitive community. Most of us sensitives are extremely empathic- healers who just want to help any and everyone. This is great for everyone else but eventually, it leaves us totally drained. What happens when we don’t make an equal energetic exchange regarding the services we provide using our gifts? What will happen if we don’t charge for our psychic readings, healings, and coaching?

We are sensitive beings and most intutivies don’t feel right about charging for their services…initially. Our mission is to help others heal while simultaneously working to develop our own skills. This is great and is ENCOURAGED in the beginning. Eventually, however, the word is going to get out and people will be coming out of the woodwork to talk with you and receive their share of free intuitive advice.

I loved giving free readings in the beginning and occasionally I still will. I give free advice to friends and family all the time. Look y’all, the good stuff ain’t coming from me! It’s comin’ from spirit! If you’ve ever had a reading with me then you also know that I generally give coaching advice and/or almost always go over the scheduled time.

As intuitives – as sensitives, we give a lot away for free all the time because it feels good to us. We love to give and help and heal…and channel even when we don’t know that we’re doing it.

That being said, when it stops feeling good – when it starts to become work, it’s time to charge. When it’s leaving you feeling depleted – that’s when you know it’s time! If you are charging and you’re still feeling this way, ask if you’re being fair…both to your clients and to yourself.

In the previous article, I mention how I worked my way up to industry standard. What I didn’t really talk about though is why I did that and why I felt it was time.

Well for one, I was basically working night and day multiple days a week. I was taking time away from my family and myself to help people I didn’t know. It started out feeling wonderful and exciting but then people started to get demanding and I started to get drained.

People started to expect a reading the day they asked for one. They wouldn’t let me off of the phone after we had been well over our time. People wanted more and more and more – yet never even left the reviews I asked for in exchange.

It wasn’t that it wasn’t an equal energy exchange. I wasn’t even a partial energy exchange. It was just me giving and them taking. It wasn’t their fault that this was happening; it was mine. The signs, the nudges, and even the pushes had been there to start charging but I didn’t want too. My husband hinted at it and my friends told me to do so. “How to start a business” articles started popping up in front of me often. Still, I didn’t want to charge I just wanted to give.

Eventually, I made the deal with spirit to start charging. A way for me to validate my gifts and start believing in myself.

So yes, give the free readings! Get the experience so that you can fairly charge your customers what you both deserve. When you’re working with spirit you always set clear boundaries for them right? (If not you should be) Well why not take it a step further and tell them they types of people you want to work with?

Walmart VS. Target

Think about it this way, who really reallllly enjoys going to Walmart? Sure the prices are great and it’s the ultimate one-stop shop but do you actually like going there?

I don’t know about your area but in mine, I avoid Walmart at all costs unless I really need to save bigtime.

My Walmart is always overcrowded, low in stock, the produce is usually on the verge of being compost, and the lines are always long. I have never left Walmart thinking “wow what a pleasant experience.”

Sure there are nice things and there are nice people BUT there are also the people of Walmart. The 50 registers but only two of them are open. Though I save money at Walmart I also am among the energy of alllll of the other people who choose to go to Walmart simply to save a few bucks.

Then you have Target. Ahhh… Who. Doesn’.t Love. Target?

You walk into target and everything is organized. There is a Starbucks, a dollar spot with the cutest finds, and the people are generally happier. Again, because who doesn’t love Target? (Except husbands, husbands hate when their wives go to target)

A little more pricey but you’re paying the quality of the items and the experience.

Moral of the story your customers have standards and expectations of what they would like to receive, shouldn’t you? You’ve invested in yourself and your gifts to be able to give back to them after all!

In the beginning, the exchange IS equal because you need someone to practice with. Eventually, though spirit will show you within your own radings and services that it is time to start charging.

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