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Can I Contact A Deceased Loved One? 4 Ways To Connect!

Can I Contact A Deceased Loved One?

With the holidays approaching you might that unsettling feeling of grief might slowly be creeping back up. The holidays are supposed to be a happy time but when there is an empty seat at the table we can feel anything but joyful. Many of us crave to hear their voice or feel their warmth just one more time. Longing for this connection may have you wondering “can I contact a deceased loved one?”

You can absolutely contact a deceased loved one, and they can contact you! 

To get in contact with a deceased loved one, you do NOT have to be a medium, psychic, or even visit a spiritual communicator. You just have to have an open heart, an open mind, and an understanding that your relationship with this person still exists; it’s just different now. 

You miss this person because you have always known your relationship to be a physical one. When they were here, you could hear them, see them, smell them, touch them, etc. The painful part is that we, as physical humans, crave that contact and connection. 

While I am not sure, we ever stop grieving those that we have lost, it is helpful to remember that energy can not be created nor destroyed; it can only be transferred or transformed. This means that your loved one is still around just in a different form! Though his or her body is not physically here for you to touch their presence is still very real, and if you know what to look for, it can absolutely be felt.

Your relationship with your deceased loved one is now a vibrational relationship! 

Having a vibrational relationship means that you two could possibly be more connected than ever on both conscious and subconscious levels. I teach all of my clients and students that to connect with spirit during meditation or mediumship readings, you must become a vibrational match. 

We must raise our vibration to connect with spirit and spirit must lower theirs. Our vibrations essentially have us meet in the middle, and this is where we can contact a deceased loved one. 

4 Ways To Contact A Deceased Loved One 

Talk to your deceased loved one. 

You can contact a deceased loved one simply by talking to them just as you always would have. What do you want them to know? Did something great happen? Could you use their support with something? Ask them for guidance, tell them about your life, tell them you want to connect. This will invite your loved one to contact you! 

After you do this, start to expand your awareness to recognize their attempts to connect with you! You may hear their voice randomly throughout the day, or perhaps a memory pops into your head as your driving. Take notice if something of theirs appears on your path or your child suddenly has their mannerisms. Though it seems fleeting and coincidental, these are the ways that your loved one will reach out to you now! 

Honor your loved one!

Do something on the holidays you know they would love! Play their favorite music, make their famous side dish, or simply talk about them. 

The worst thing you can do is to pretend like you don’t miss them or act like they are no longer a part of the family. Please don’t negate all of the good memories you had with them by not speaking of them anymore. It’s not only painful for them but also you – why would you hold yourself back from laughing at the good times and enjoying the times you shared?

Bring them up, remember them, honor them, and talk about them! If you do, I am willing to bet their presence will be felt throughout the night. Maybe you get a flash of your grandfather laughing at the end of the table, or you see your passed husband pulling a famous prank. You might even feel a hand on your shoulder to turn around and find that no one is there. This is them – you are not crazy! 

You can contact your deceased loved one, and they can contact you! 

Ask them for signs from your passed loved one! 

You can ask your loved ones for tangible signs that they are around you. We can’t see electricity, but we know that it is there when something tangible happens like a light turning on or the heat warming the house. For some of us, we need that same physical gift to reassure us that our loved ones are near. 

Call in your deceased loved one during meditation.

Meditation is a special time to enhance your vibrational relationship, and conscious connection with your deceased loved one. 

  1. Gather a picture of them or a belonging of theirs. (If you don’t have any write their name on a piece of paper)

  2. Find a quiet and comfortable seat.

  3. Get grounded, centered, and connected. 

  4. Ask them to step forward!

  5. Tell your loved one you want to see – feel – or hear them.

  6. Take deeeeeep breaths and relax. 

  7. Don’t force anything but hold an image of them or their belonging in your mind.

  8. Talk to them!

  9. Create space to listen

  10. Wait to see what happens! 

You will know you have made a connection if you suddenly feel someone in the room or get visions or memories of them. Sometimes you will even be able to smell them or hear them say your name! 

Please do not get discouraged if nothing happens right away simply wait a few days and try again. Also, remember this is a vibrational relationship now so you might continue to receive signs and/or messages in the days to follow so keep your awareness about you! 

Connecting to your deceased loved one is simply about allowing them to come through by raising your vibration and then by expanding your awareness!

I hope this article has found you at the perfect time and I am optimistic your loved ones will be with you in spirit this holiday season! 

Happy holidays everyone! 

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