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“But I’m A Christian” | Can You Have Psychic Gifts And Be Religious?

A question I receive almost daily:

I’m not sure where to begin and I’m not even sure I’m comfortable reaching out about this but I need help. I have been experiencing so many things that I can’t explain. Hearing things, seeing things, dreams from people that have passed. I want to know what is going on with me but I have been told this kind of thing is evil. I want to figure this out, but I’m a Christian…

In an effort to help those of you that are struggling with the fact that you might be an intuitive but you’re also religious, this article is for you!

First, let me say that you can be both. You can be a Christian and you can be an intuitive. In fact, the Catholic church released a document back in 2016 saying that they now recognize spiritual abilities as not only real but also accepted. 

The truth is that God is love. We all come from this one God (The Creator Source). In every living thing, we see the miracle work of God. As a Christian, you know this to be true and you don’t question it.

As a Christian, you pray. You talk to God, to Jesus, to your Angels. You ask for help, for guidance, for love, and direction.

You trust that your loved ones in spirit are now watching over you from the heavens above and you may even still talk to them.

As a Christian, you believe in spirit. You believe in another world, a glorious world called heaven.

We are one in the same; you and I. Yes, I believe in God, angels, and my loved ones watching over me. The thing is, however, that I didn’t UNTIL I accepted who I truly am. A medium.

Christianity has always been a part of my experience. My father’s side of the family is very religious and I married into a family that practices Catholicism. Still, I had my doubts.

Some pretty terrible things happen here on Earth and I just didn’t have faith that there was a God or that anyone was truly guiding me. I only knew that I believed in a higher power and that no one would answer my questions about “him”.

A few years ago, I made the decision to accept my gifts and on that day everything changed. My nightmares went away, things in my life started flowing and I stopped living in fear. For the first time, I was truly happy.

I realized that I wasn’t alone. For the first time, I had faith that there was a God. I knew it. I didn’t question if “he” was real anymore.

My deeper connection to self and developing my spirituality taught me that I was supported beyond my wildest dreams. I learned that everything I was doing was supported by the divine and because of that, I was brought closer to it.

You see, when you start living the spirited life you see everything from a higher perspective.

Here’s what changes when you accept your spiritual side…

You start to see living things as souls. This makes it harder for you to stay angry or bitter because you realize everyone is doing the best they can with where they are on their paths.

You recognize that bugs… even the creepiest ones are God’s creatures and they have souls too. This means you don’t squish the spider instead, you put it back outside.

You learn to forgive because you recognize that it releases you and the other person. Thus allowing you both to move forward.

Trees, flowers, and the grass all become a part of your experience. You leave the flowers to bloom because they are perfect where they are. You see these things as a part of your journey instead of simple objects.

You let go of jealousy because when you see someone succeeding your heart grows for them.

All of these things bring us back to oneness. When you become more in tune with your spiritual side you see for the first time that everything is connected. That we are all one. That we are all a part of the God Source.

So when you’re questioning why these things are happening “to you” I invite you to view from a new perspective. Look at the possibility that maybe… just maybe this is your chance to get up close and personal with all of those “people” you’ve been praying to. They heard you, now is your chance to hear them back!

When you work in the light and live your life in the light you grow as a soul. Your soul is the most divine part of you. Growing the divine part of you brings you closer to your divine.

So one might say that working with your spiritual gifts allows your faith to flourish.

With love, Ashley

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