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Best Practices For Expanding Your Intuition

Best Practices For Expanding Your Intuition.

I go through phases with my spiritual development just like everyone else, yes, you read that right. I’m still developing and I’m still learning. We all are, no matter where we are at or what season we are in, we are constantly learning and growing.

The phase I’m in now is pulling me towards deep spiritual learning on an academic level. I am craving new knowledge and I’m seeking experiences through practical application. In a sense, I am ready to be a sponge for all that will help me grow both spiritually and personally.

I also have phases where I simply want to teach the knowledge that I have acquired, talk to spirit around the clock, and write until my fingers fall off.

Each phase is equally important. Each phase will happen again and again at different levels and seasons of life. 

This morning I was watching my girl Oprah give an interview and the question asked of her was:

“You’re in your 60’s, isn’t it time for you to just sit back, relax and enjoy all that you’ve created.”

Her answer stopped me in my tracks. She said exactly what I needed to hear!

“What we all want is to be able to live out the truest and highest expression of ourselves as human beings. That doesn’t end until you take your last breath. No matter where you are in life, there is the next level. After I am done with one thing how will I next be used? Until you have used your value as a human being, you’re not done.” 

Yasss Queen yasssss! 

Best Practices For Spiritual Living and Expanding Intuitively

Listen To Your Higher-Self

As I stated currently I am being pulled to educate myself. In what way? I’m not sure! I am simply being pulled to fill my brain, my being, and my body with all the knowledge. Knowledge of self-love, personal growth, and ways to further develop the creative psyche. It’s not just a want, it’s a need! This pull is coming from my higher-self, she is pointing me in the direction of my greatest good. It’s up to me to listen. When you’re feeling pulled or even pushed, pay attention! Listen to your higher-self!

Spend Time Alone With Your Thoughts

We have a tendency to avoid ourselves. When we spend time with ourselves we are forced to look at what we have been shying away from. When alone are pushed to acknowledge the changes we need to make and we have no choice but to listen to the cries of our inner-child. These opportunities are both healing and expansive.

Hanging out with yourself doesn’t have to be so intense though. You may find that spirit is trying to bring through the messages you’ve been searching for. Maybe they are ready to give you that spark of inspiration you’ve been lacking. If you spend all of your time preoccupied with other people, situations, and electronics you’re never going to hear what spirit has to tell you.

Be Kind And Be Connected.

We are all one. When you can get to a point of recognizing that all living and breathing things on this planet are just the cells of a much larger living breathing thing, Mother Earth this is when you start to truly expand. It’s hard to wish harm on another when you can see and feel that person as a soul and not just a passerby. Stay connected to all that is and you will in turn experience that feeling of expansion.

Soak It All Up!

Read articles, watch videos, and learn about the different aspects of spirituality and intuitive gifts that interest you. Allow yourself to be lead down the rabbit hole but remember grab hold of a root at some point. Find what peaks your interest and start to expand upon that!

If it’s intuitive gifts that perk your interest why not take a course instead of reading yet another article? By taking a course or working with a coach you can both learn and apply your knowledge simultaneously.

Apply What You’ve Learned

When it comes to intuitive development and spiritual expansion reading and watching youtube videos is only about half of the first step. You have to apply what you’ve learned. You have to start some trial and error practices.

Remember, this is a journey and your growth will come in stages. Flow with them and don’t fight against them. If you feel that you’ve learned all that you can soak up for one season then it’s time to start putting those things into action! Give practice readings and actually start meditating instead of just reading about it. Apply your clairsentience at the perfect time and see what validation you receive! 

When it comes to spirituality and intuition reading and watching isn’t going to get you very far. You have to soak it up and then apply it. Intuition and spiritual experiences are so very personal and intimate. No one can fully explain to you what it feels like to connect with your higher-self or spirit guides, it has to be felt by you personally.

Spirit will guide you where you need to go, connect you with who you need most, and love you unconditionally. To experience these things wholly you have to first be able to recognize them and allow them into your experience. 

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