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Best Online Transformative, Healing, and Intuitive Courses!

Best Online transformative, healing, and intuitive courses!

It’s that time of year again when the veil thins and our senses naturally kick into overdrive. During fall and through the holidays, spirit activity is more abundant than any other time. Why does this happen? Well, during Halloween across the world, people are celebrating and calling on the dead, though mostly unintentionally. We tend to miss our loved ones during the holidays and call on them more as we continue family traditions without those that we love.

Where attention goes, energy flows!

When we give attention to anything, it will grow, especially when we focus that energy collectively. Because of this collective energy focus, every time from late Septemeber through early January, the veil is extremely thin.

2020 has been an interesting year, to say the least. We have visually seen the impact that collective energy has on society, politics, movements, our health, and more. It’s been an exciting thing to witness but also a scary one at times.

How powerful is it that attention and energy can heal, transform, and bring spirit even closer to us? Fall 2020 is all about healing, transformation, and expanding our intuitive awareness.

Let’s start with transformation.

Transformation comes from within and overflows to our physical world. When you decide to shine a light on old wounds, your shadow side, and traumas hidden within you heal on a massive scale.

Self-evolution is the act of becoming a witness to your pain-points, patterns, and dark areas to shift them all into the light. Yes, it’s possible, and yes, you can do it.

Self-work isn’t easy but will transform your life in ways you never thought possible.

No it’s not magic, and I’m not pitching you some get happy and rich quick scheme. What I am doing is genuinely trying to help you see that life gets to be freaking beautiful every day. No matter the cards you were dealt, you can get a new hand at any time.

Course #1: Sacred Self-Healing is a course I built to transform your most buried levels.

It walks you through your life stories, the blueprint you desire for your life, how to heal your inner-child, and how to deep dive into self-transformation. The course was live recorded and comes with notes to support your journey. Everyone who has taken this course has come back to thank me for how they changed their lives by simply being willing to do this work. Get instant and lifetime access here! 

Course # 2: The Collective Growth Experience starts on October 22nd! A transformative experience to find your purpose.

The Collective Growth Experience was a class I taught about three years ago. I recently found my notes and got so excited! When I taught this three-week class, we had so many breakthroughs.

I am relaunching this group experience and will be taking only 25 students. You can reserve your seat for this course here.

This class will focus on seeing the sneaky ways we treat ourselves and hold ourselves back. We will do a bit of shadow work to uncover the areas of ourselves we deny and then use that to power up!

In this course, we will learn to empower ourselves.

  1. We will learn to trust ourselves and our decisions.

  2. So often we are out of alignment with our authenticity, we are going to get back on track!

  3. Our throat chakras will become unblocked as we learn how to speak our truths lovingly!

  4. In this class, we will discover how to use both our masculine and feminine energy to our advantage.

  5. We will learn to manifest more quickly because of all that has been mentioned above!

The Collective Growth Experience is for those who want to dip their toes into the water for self-evolution and transformation. It is also for those who feel off, out of synch, and need help returning to their center.

The Collective Growth Experience is for anyone who wants to find their purpose through finding themselves!

Register for class here! Only 25 spots available and class starts on October 22nd!

Intuition is reality!

Your intuition is speaking to you regularly, but so is your ego. The ego tries to hold you in place to keep you comfortably uncomfortable. It tells you to stay put, shrink, hold back, and while the ego thinks it has your best interest at heart, it holds you back from such a beautiful life!

Intuition is the opposite! When your true intuition speaks to you, it protects you, guides you, and puts you on a path to your most blissful life!

We should all know how to tap into that divine guidance and hush the ego. The Intuitive Development Course teaches that and SO MUCH MORE!

Course #3: The Intuitive Development Course

The IDP Course is my most popular course and for good reasons. It is a self-paced video course that teaches you how to tap into and turn down your natural intuitive abilities.

Do you hear things other people don’t? Popping, buzzing, ringing, and even talking? That my dear friend is clairaudience! It’s an intuitive gift, and when you tap into it you can receive genuinely amazing messages from spirit!

When you close your eyes, do you see faces, shapes, or colors? How are your dreams? Are they vivid? You might not know this, but those images and “movie-like scenes” can be tapped into. It’s clairvoyance! You can learn to get more straightforward messages and guidance!

Feeling tingles on the skin or like someone is with you? Or how about, do you just know things? Know what’s going to happen or what someone is going to say? Claircognizance and clairsentience!

All four of these subtle intuitive gifts are explained in depth in The Intuitive Development And Progression Course! You will learn how to notice and tap into each one, and don’t worry if they are too overwhelming I teach you how to turn it down too!

Intuition development changed my life alongside the self-work that I did. I learned to approve of myself, allow myself to see and follow opportunity. Most importantly I allowed myself to be happy.

Intuitive courses like this one don’t just help you tap into “cool gifts.” They teach you so much about yourself that you never knew before. Who you are on your deepest levels, what you’ve been accepting that you shouldn’t, and even how to let more love into your life.

Healing and intuitive development courses like this one help you with being an empath, teach you how to protect your energy, and help you work past fear and doubt. When I tell you this work will change your life, I’m not joking. You will come out a different, more vibrant, and indeed a happier person.

Please take advantage of the energies in the air right now; they are going to give you a boost of acceleration with your healing and intuition!

It’s time to transform, and it’s time to discover who you are. 2020 wasn’t supposed to be just a year that everything and everyone went crazy. I was supposed to be the year for awakening and returning to who we are.

Collectively we have a job to do. Get whole so we as a whole can be whole.

Get instant access to the Sacred Self-Healing Course Here. Sign up for The Collective Growth Experience Here. Get Instant (and lifetime access) to The Intuitive Development Course Here! See other offers here!

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